Marc Litvyakoff @ FILTERED

January 29, 2010

  • Marc Litvyakoff
  • photography
  • “I love to look around me and to see the beauty in people and objects.. I guess this is why I started to photograph- to find beauty-stop the moment-show it to others, that is the point. I believe that there is a beauty in everything it depends just from which site you are looking on it..
    it’s already 10 years that my passion for painting has transformed in photography.. I also dreamed about fashion, I dreamed to design shoes! Today I can say that my dream came true, as my girlfriend is a fashion designer and we are working together a lot. My two big  passions-fashion and photography  transformed into new passion-fashion photography:)
    photography is my way to make our world better, this is my credo”
  • “it can be, as well as it is not always has to be a piece of art to be a good photo. I am a commercial photographer, not a “pure art” photographer”
  • “My first big step was my first cover for PODIUM ART magazine 4 years ago, which I like even now”
  • “I prefer color, because I love color itself”
  • “No matter what it is it has to have an influence, to inspire me in order to become a good picture”
  • He will never visualise something that brings bad emotions.
  • He gets inspiration from beauty.

You can find him at :

facebook / fotoblog /



One Response to “Marc Litvyakoff @ FILTERED”

  1. eņģelis said

    and I loove PhotoShop

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