• Andris Vītoliņš / Vītoliņš
  • Painting / Photography / Design
  • Vītoliņš was born in Liepaja, which leaves a great imprint.  He has a bad temper sometimes, he might call himself difficult.
  • He says : “When a man in our country starts to do something like painting, he becomes different from others. I am proud of this.  Being different is exclusive.”
  • He enjoys swimming and riding bicycle, especially riding it in the center of the city.
  • He says: “I was born in 1975, 28. of September in Latvian port city  Liepaja.  The school i was going to ws situated in Riga. After i graduated from school i went to  crafts school where i learned how to be a decorator. In times of the last socialism period’s i was working at Red Star Factory for one month, putting together motorbikes. Then I was accepted to Latvian Art academy where i spent about 7 years changing faculties. Starting with design and ending with painting faculty. I graduated from the Academy as a master of painting.  In my art, at first i was making different objects and installations. In the recent years i moslty paint.  I am very much attracted by industrial sceneries and different technical stuff and objects. Factories,  oil derricks and cars are as close to me as people.  I explore and photograph these industrial monsters quite often. Later, from the photographs i make i get the inspiration to paint.  Often, i even get to know the history of these objects, this is similar to the process when surgeon before the operation reads the patient’s history.  Then in process I operate just like plastic surgeon,  сonverting objects, giving them new appereance and sometimes even soul.  In the end, these monsters look at you with their new faces and rarely anyone can recognize them.”
  • At the moment Vītoliņš is getting prepared for an exhibition which we will be able to see next year.  He also is in the process of creating a book.
  • He also draws people but does not show those paintigs as often as industrially themed.

You can find him at:



:Dobro @ Orbita

February 28, 2010

05.03.2010 “:Dobro” Весенний концерт на Андрейсале!

Зима отступает. Время от времени в воздухе уже чувствуется весенний запах, душа всё чаще просит лирики, хочется совершать легкомысленные поступки. Жизнь в этом городе вот-вот начнёт просыпаться и нам бы очень хотелось ускорить этот процесс!

5-го марта творческая мастерская “Орбита” приглашает вас на весенний концерт-посиделки “:Dobro” для того, чтобы вместе с группами “Da`Ba”, “Forshpil” и “Kaķis Maisā” прочувствовать волнующее весеннее настроение в уютной и душевной атмосфере. А после концерта все желающие смогут остаться на просмотр фильма “Happy-Go-Lucky”. О чае, кофе и кое-чём покрепче позаботится вагончик „Coffee Time”.

начало: 20:00

Стоимость входа: 2 ls

адрес: Андрейостас 4, корпус 15




Conceptions @ Orbita

February 15, 2010

26.02.2010: CONCEPTIONS #1. Mūsdienu dzīvās mūzikas festivāls Andrejsalā!

Mūsdienu muzikālā kultūra mudž no iespējamo stilu un virzienu pārpilnības. Ērā, kad portatīvais dators spēj aizstāt veselu orķestri, īpašu vērtību iegūst mūziķi, kas spēj radīt modernu un aktuālu dzīvo mūziku. Viņu koncertos notiek emocionāla mijiedarbība starp publiku un mūziķiem.

Mākslinieciskā darbnīca „Orbīta” veido jaunu tradīciju – mūsdienu dzīvās mūzikas festivālu „CONCEPTIONS #1”, kura eklektiku rada nu-jazz, easy-listening, drum`n`base, acid-jazz, nu-swing, electronic, disco un electro-funk noskaņas. Šogad pasākuma galvenā tēma ir tieši latviešu kolektīvi. Savas stila un skaņu koncepcijas piedāvās tādas autoritatīvas grupas, kā “The Briefing”, “Dandelion Wine”, “Beat-Retro-Scratch”, kā arī nesen izveidotas, bet jau daudzsološas grupas “Sun Quay”, “Riga Metro”, “” un “JJ Project”. Mūziķus atbalstīs DJ Funkstrot, VJ Astrowind un VJ Pleshkan.

Festivāls norisināsies 26. Februārī 19:00 Andrejsalā, „Orbītā” (Andrejostas 4, korpuss № 15). Ieeja par ziedojumiem: 5 Ls (3 Ls ar flajeri).

Informācija un flajers:

The Briefeng –

Dandelion Wine –

Sun Quay –

Riga Metro –

Beat Retro Scratch –




February 11, 2010

18.02.2010: ORB-BEAT-A! Соревнование по словестной импровизации-фристайлу на Андрейсале.

В четверг, 18-го февраля, в творческой мастерской “ORBITA” (Андрейостас 4а, 15-й корпус) 16 отчаяных молодых людей из столицы и регионов Латвии будут соревноваться в своём мастертсве зарифмованного красноречия.

Фристайл – термин, пришедший из хип-хоп культуры. Подразумевает под собой сочинение текста под музыку “на ходу”, здесь и сейчас, на сцене, перед зрителями!
Это не просто соревнование и эффектное шоу, это стиль жизни. Возможность продемонстрировать своё мастерство и преодолеть самого себя. В общем, приходите и сами всё увидите.

Победителя определяют зрители!

Начало в 19.00
Стоимость входа: 2 Ls




We are fine

February 11, 2010

Art cafe Sienna

February 3, 2010

in the beautiful area of Riga at Strelnieku 3 there is this cozy place called Art cafe Sienna

Beautiful place with all kinds of tea flavors and coffee drinks. Also some cakes and loads of books, magazines and board games to spend your time in a cozy and cuddly way.

Interior is appealing as well. Soft furniture, tables of dark wood. And usually you wont meet a lot of locals there. Mostly tourists. Well, good thing is you can meet some interesting people, right?

I was getting some fruit flavored tea there and it cost me 1,20 Ls and i played few games, looked through some magazines and had a wonderful time looking out of the window at cold street, while drinking hot tea.

Also it is an art cafe which means they are organizing something from time to time, so be sure to follow ;>

What they write about themselves :
“Home of steaming hot coffee mugs, sweet smelling tea pots, fresh snacks and tempting pastries, handmade leather journals, unique and handmade photo albums, elegant sealing wax and other beautiful gifts.”
Mon – Thurs:
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
9:00 am – 10:00 pm
11:00 am – 10:00 pm
11:00 am – 8:00 pm

facebook / twitter

(from now on any pictures with our logo – are one’s taken by FILTERED team, others are found in the internet)

Jūdas Graši & Winchester

February 3, 2010

  • Aleksandrs Muižnieks / Boze
  • Photography/ Painting / Video making and edit
  • “I was born, 1991 March 30, in Riga. I still live there,and I really love this city and all who are around – people, nature, city lifestyle and more.
    I am an impulsive man, if something comes to my mind I don’t think very long but just do it now. Besides photography I study in secondary school and plus work in local shop. Also I roller-skate at amateur level. After some time I realized that if I can’t give something for skating, then I can do that with taking photos, after that I’ve started my photograpy story. In free time I like chilling with my friends or simply do nothing!
    Also I paint sometime, in the past, painting was a passion for me. I went to art class, but then I left it, I just don’t know why. Also I’m making some videos for my team. I believe that everything what I do will be useful in the future.”
  • “Art for me is something like a toy for little children. When I feel if I need it, I just take it and do something with them, do some scratches on my paper, for example, or I take my camera and make some photos!”
  • “I really can’t remember my first work, but all my life I was painting something on paper and now I do that too.”
  • “Nothing is perfect, but if you got skills you can make something from nothing.”
  • He will never visualise  something that really is not acceptable for people.
  • His inspiration: “I think all photographers which I know! I can learn a lot from them and maybe they can learn something from me.”

You can find him at:

FLICKR / blog



  • Gatis Kurzemnieks
  • different forms of visual communication
  • “I have studied very different things – starting from 3D graphics to software engineering and real time graphics programming, and the most recent – visual communication in Latvian academy of Art.
    I have always been fascinated by possibilities of new technologies – especially in real time 3D graphics, so for the last five years, I have been working as a game developer. Lately I feel, that I have had enough of making games and I want to try something new. I hope I have gathered quite unique set of skills while living in both – technical and artistic worlds, so I am ready for about anything.”
  • “I am visual artist because I like everything that is visual. I don’t care what it is, but if it looks good and interesting – I’m in! Pretty pictures – yay!!! “
  • “I don’t think I have ever done a serious piece of art. What is serious anyway? It is always about playing, experimenting and learning. “
  • His perfect model/subject is someone extraordinary.
  • We asked him if he thinks he is different and here is his answer : “Deep down we are all the same. “
  • He gets inspired by Simple things around us, music, movies, books, people.

You can find him at: / behance



Marc Litvyakoff @ FILTERED

January 29, 2010

  • Marc Litvyakoff
  • photography
  • “I love to look around me and to see the beauty in people and objects.. I guess this is why I started to photograph- to find beauty-stop the moment-show it to others, that is the point. I believe that there is a beauty in everything it depends just from which site you are looking on it..
    it’s already 10 years that my passion for painting has transformed in photography.. I also dreamed about fashion, I dreamed to design shoes! Today I can say that my dream came true, as my girlfriend is a fashion designer and we are working together a lot. My two big  passions-fashion and photography  transformed into new passion-fashion photography:)
    photography is my way to make our world better, this is my credo”
  • “it can be, as well as it is not always has to be a piece of art to be a good photo. I am a commercial photographer, not a “pure art” photographer”
  • “My first big step was my first cover for PODIUM ART magazine 4 years ago, which I like even now”
  • “I prefer color, because I love color itself”
  • “No matter what it is it has to have an influence, to inspire me in order to become a good picture”
  • He will never visualise something that brings bad emotions.
  • He gets inspiration from beauty.

You can find him at :

facebook / fotoblog /