• Diana Stadņuka
  • Graphic artist / Painter
  • Diana loves to observe people while at the same time she hates them. Her personality is full of contrasts, mistakes and obscurity and she is a different person every day, because it’s pointless and boring to stay the same and stick to only one point of view which lets her be flexible and achieve anything she wants. She never looks back at the past because no one can change it or bring it back so she prefers to work hard for tomorrow or enjoy her present.
  • Diana has always felt different but not always realized she was. Over time life got weirder and weirder and people told her she was different indeed…  “Too weird to live, to rare to die”
  • Train tracks, rain, cats, documentaries, soviet films, independence are just a few things that she likes. Diana doesn’t like hot weather, crowded places and Jurmala.
  • When Diana draws or paints something she enjoys the process more than the outcome and doesn’t put any meaning in the image. But when art will turn from a hobby in to work, she hopes to be able to enjoy the results on billboards and posters.



element_by_Kaarums - Copy







Open up to 1 of august.

Anita Arbidane (1983) – young talented painter. an exhibiton “I am my own artist”  (“Pats sev mākslinieks”).

An exhibiton is gowin on at Ivonna Veiherte’s gallery.

Adress: Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulv. 6-1

Official website: www.veiherte.com


From 30 of july  – 12 of august

At Martas street 1

Working hours – Mon. to Fri. 12:00 – 18:00

An exhibition by Kuš! comic book’s editor. About lost things, lost places and being lost.

Official Kuš! website : www.komikss.lv

Matches and matchboxes

June 30, 2009



From 8 july – 31 august

An exhibition “SĒRKOCIŅI UN VIŅU KASTĪTES” is going on doll art museum in Riga.

You will have an exceptional possibility to see collection of matches and matchboxes from a period of  1890-1960 years.

Working time :

  • 8-12 july  >> 11:00 – 18:00
  • 14-18 july >> 11:00 – 18:00

Adress: Maskavas street 12

Entry cost : 1,00 – 2,50 Ls

!Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Official web site – www.dollart.lv

  • Olga Kotovska
  • Photographer / Dreamer
  • She adores sea and can’t imagine her life somewhere where there is no sea. If she would have to live somewhere away from the sea she would be unhappy and she would become a marinist. She pays enormous attention to her dreams. She usually has quite bizarre dreams so they end up in a very nice and strange photographs and paintings.
  • She says:”I love summer for the green color and warm nights. August is the best month in the year for making wishes. The nights are warm and there are a lot of falling stars.” In her thoughts August equals with the new year holidays. She loves Rorsharh’s tests.. they are curious.
  • Olga never noticed she was different. There was a moment when she noticed that everyone was different, and it was interesting.
  • She partly paints, partly writes. It is all attempts to make friends with a pen and a brush.
  • She never had one permanent style. Her works are reflections of her mood. And the mood often changes. In work with people and nature what she like most is a chance to find something hidden. Olga likes to pay attention to things which people usually pass in quick steps. She thinks it helps to find the details of which everything is made around us. She likes to get spontaneous feeling that she need to photograph someone. In the strangers around us, there are many secrets. We have to find them first and than picture them.
  • First thing in taking a photograph is finding a detail.  In the recent time, i make pictures because my feelings make me to. In her works there is a straight balance between nature and human.
  • Olga had “activity BOOM” in the beginning of this summer after the winter was gone.

You can find her at:










From 2.07 up to 2.08

In Latvian Photography Museum an exhibiton “Homeplace”   of Latvian photographer Imants Puriņš (1970 -2008)

There will be approx. twenty black and white photographs in exposition which were mainly taken in a period of 1970 – 1980.  Photos are representing the best side of photographer’s works.

In his photographs, Imants has a poetic and romanticized landscape of Latvia, where a place of human is brightly marked. For many years Imants has been photographing horses. His feelings about this miscellaneous animal, which is thought to be associated with both freedom and affection to a mankind, is to be highly seen within this exhibition.

latviešu fotogrāfa Imanta Puriņa (1930 – 2008) izstāde „Mājvieta”.

Ekspozīcijā ietvertas aptuveni divdesmit melnbaltas fotogrāfijas, kas tapušas galvenokārt 1970. – 1980. gados. Izvēlētie darbi ierindojami starp autora sniegumu raksturojošākajiem paraugiem. Fotografējot savas dzimtas mājas Cēsu rajonā, autors panācis poētisku, romantizētu Latvijas ainavas tēlojumu, kurā iezīmēta cilvēka vieta dabā. Daudzus gadu desmitus Imants Puriņš fotografējis arī zirgus. Viņa izjustais, daudzveidīgais skatījums uz dzīvnieku, kurš tiek asociēts gan ar strauju iedabu un savvaļu, gan sirsnīgu pieķeršanos un uzticību cilvēkam, ietverts arī izstādes darbos.


Winning entry by Carla Sapiain, from the Instituto Profesional DuocUC de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

About World Industrial Design Day (29 June)
World Industrial Design Day is an international day of observance in recognition of the profession of industrial design. First declared on 29 June 2007 on the occasion of Icsid’s 50th anniversary, World Industrial Design Day provides designers with a collective outlet to acknowledge the merits of the profession of industrial design and foster a public understanding of design and all that it encompasses.

Through a series of international events held on 29 June, designers and design enthusiasts are encouraged to accentuate industrial design’s role in improving the economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life around the world.


Montreal (Canada) – The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) announced the winner of the first student poster competition for World Industrial Design Day. The winning entry was submitted by Carla Sapiain

In preparation for World Industrial Design Day on 29 June, Icsid invited students from its member schools to design a poster reflecting this year’s theme ‘Industrial Design: the product of human creativity’. Martin Darbyshire, Icsid Board Member and Jury Chair, made the following comments about the winning entry: “The level of effort put into the pre-production of the poster is worth noting. The image of the tree is a good metaphor for the organic nature of industrial design, as well as a powerful and evocative reminder of our responsibilities. The end result is a colourful and eye-catching poster that boldly communicated the date of World Industrial Design Day – June 29, 2009.”

Of the 42 entries submitted, the jury shortlisted 14 posters for their notable adaptation of the theme. In addition, honourable mentions were awarded to Anita Lukacsi and Otiília Erdélyi, both entries from the University of West Hungary.

The winning poster, along with the other shortlisted entries, is available for viewing on the Icsid Website at www.icsid.org/education/gallery.htm.

The winning poster will be available in digital format (PDF) for promotional initiatives relating to World Industrial Design Day 2009 internationally. In addition, the winner will be registered to attend the Icsid World Design Congress in Singapore in November 2009. The prize package includes a round-trip flight and hotel accommodations.

Overall, the competition successfully achieved its aim to evoke interest in World Industrial Design Day and engaged students from Icsid Member Schools in the organisation’s international activities. As the annual competition grows, both the quantity and quality of entries are expected to increase.

The Icsid Executive Board is keen to expand the competition in future years as awareness of World Industrial Design Day increases internationally. “We hope that through featuring the shortlisted candidates’ work on the website, many more students will be encouraged and inspired to participate next year,” stated Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen, Icsid President. “Our vision for the World Industrial Design Day student poster competition is to support the merits of multidisciplinary collaboration – an important consideration for designers as they aim for success in the new economy.”


June 28, 2009

  • Kate Ch / Kūms
  • Graphic design / Design / Street art
  • Born in Riga. If she wants something be sure she will get it and she also learns very fast. In all she does there is idea and hard work in base.  Kate loves discovering new techniques and approaches. She thinks that it is very important to find new material and ways to express yourself.
  • Kate does not think she is different. She just has other outlook to everything. For one, sun is rising for other, setting. That is why she likes to talk to different people. Knowing their thought helps her generate new ideas.
  • She likes to paint, take photographs,  draw sketches. She likes metal design  and searching for colors in nature around is a pleasure for her.
  • In her works she likes colors, contrasts, 2d.
  • Kūms is also a name of her sticker character. At first the original color was green and blue. And there is was only face and tale. After some time it developed to what it is now and colors are chosen in a matching way.
  • Apart from Kūms char she does logos and little sketches but she does not publish them  anywhere yet.
  • About street art scene in Latvia : “Well it all is growing and developing and the more people are involved and interested the better.”

You can find her at:







  • Raitis Biezais
  • Photography
  • He was born in Madona, was growing in Madona and lives in Madona.  He has Zenit in his closet and a few film packs.  In outwards appearance he might be quite ordinary and similar to all others, but if you take a look at his inner side – you’ll surely understand that he is something completely different. Raitis is a crazy artist.
  • In his free time he also makes music in a synthetical and partly synthetical way (Vocal electrod).  He is mastering dj skills in a “Black milk” (Melnais piens) association. He devotes his time also to such thing as brake, musical school and shooting a low-budget movies.
  • Raitis is experimenting with era. Sometimes he is setting his face against it and sometimes he is just drifting with it. This is what you can see in his photos. He prefers black and white photography when he has cash to afford the right film. If not he is okay with the color one.  You can feel the soviet taste in his works for he is trying to show something which people have experienced long time ago.
  • He had several exhibitions. And it wasn’t just to show off his pictures. He was tryin to get a message to people. He says: ” I am not following the ruling material cult, i am following the photo art and its’ experiments.
  • Raitis is making photos on a b&w film and develops them on his own at home.
  • He finds his models in streets and that is exactly where he is trying to photograph them. In the most natural surroundings.  He photographs only those, who might be interesting from the inside. And usually those are his friends as long as you can’t see the inner side of a stranger.
  • Raitis says: ” i like city where a man lives and a man with a medium comes”.
  • He uses : Canon EOS 500 film camera,FED 3, Zenit 3M, Smena 8M.

You can find him at :

Photodom.com / FLICKR

1Riga. Showing the power of nation symbolism.








Aleksey @ FILTERED

June 26, 2009

  • Aleksey
  • Photography
  • Aleksey is pretty sure he is different.  Either he is crazy or all the rest. ;>
  • He loves painting.
  • Aleksey loves black and white photography because it can express feelings, ideas, and emotions in a way in which color photography will never express it.
  • “Never say never” he says. And continues with self-education.

You can find him at: