November 29, 2009

  • ППШ
  • Ilja Kireev – guitar, vocal; Andrew Vloh – bass, vocal; Kamil Makurin – drums
  • ППШ stands for Пистолет-Пулемет Шпагина. “No! We’re not the fans of weapon, we just thought, that name shows soul of II World War..We were interested not in the war, but the role of Russian people in it..And this role is – pain, unending losses, brave and honest.. We just proud of ourselves that we part of Russian culture.. ” Band was born in Riga, a little more than 1 year ago. Musicians were grown at classic rock (Led Zepelin, Deep Purple) and progressive rock (Dream Theater), as also at classic Russian rock.
  • Band plays all different kind of rock and sometimes blues.
  • The band was organised, because “We study badly, girls not always like us and computer games were boring.. we had nothing to do.”
  • We practice 2 times a week, trying to make it 3 times.
  • “We better play pop, than metal or hardcore”
  • “We play not very often on concerts, but always happy to present our music to listeners.”
  • “Every musician/band tries to be different, we don’t think that we are completely different, but of course we don’t want to be plagiarists “
  • We like musicians in our country, such as : Position Zero, DA-BA, North Wind, Annushka, White Noise.”

You can find them at:

draugiem.lv / rockgeroy.ru / rockneformat.lv


Urban vibes

November 26, 2009



Urban Vibes: accoustic edition – дыхание города под живую музыку!

Для всех, кто неравнодушен к груву, импровизации и городской романтике продолжаем серию вечеров Urban Vibes! Встречаемся по адресу Kr. Barona 52, в клубе Jameson (подвальное помещение одноимённого бара) 4-го декабря в 20:00. В этот раз вас ожидает переплетение фанка, блюза и патефонного рэтро, с юморком замиксованного под современные ритмы.

Всем городским романтикам, спивающимся интеллектуалам и просто любителям вкусной музыки посвящается!

Творческий вечер после полуночи плавно перейдёт в афтерпарти, организованное объединением afterparty.lv

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  • Marianna Miltovicha
  • photography / graphic design
  • “I was born in 1984 on February the 25 in Riga. Since very young age participated in all possible art study groups and schools. That’s what I liked the most, but never thought it’ll became my destiny or profession, thought it’s just a hobby. At the age of 15 I was asked to do some modeling, first in Latvia and then in Milan and Paris. Being in such controversial age I was really fascinated with all creative processes in fashion industry, with new places and people. That’s where I first realized, that creating an art can become your profession. Also I realized, that I don’t want to be a part or a material(model) of this process, I want to invent myself. I graduated Latvian Academy of Art, visual communication department. Before that I studied web and graphic design, which helped me to work in advertising. Till now I’m doing some work on creating companies styles, logos, and some publishing ads. But my real passion is fashion photography.Trying to acquire new techniques and increase quality of my works, changing equipment and looking for new faces, thinking creative I am living my dream.”
  • “I am very emotional and very reserved and introvert person at the same time, so doing photography is almost the only way I can express my emotions. Being a photographer is like being a psychologist, or just like a person who’s looking for some answers in your life. You unravel characters, read a book of life.”
  • “Studying my first year in Academy, I had a photography lessons with a professor in his sixties, who thought of ZENIt camera as the king of cameras and was often scoffed by a new generation. But he passionately talked about very essence of photography about it’s soul.

    He was the one, who gave me that “click”, wich I was probably waiting for. He was very encouraging and send his students to make a peace of art. Because your work will never be a peace of art before someone(at least one person) will think of it as a one.”

  • “The more black&white and colored photography will compete, the more beautiful works will appear! There never will be strict YES or NO for one of the techniques, they both are unique and each reflects reality. But I have to confess, that I truly looove shooting b&w with analog camera. Shooting b&w was the first my serious experience in photography, and those works are still my favorite peace of art!”
  • “People, people and one more time people are my perfect models, the more faces and characters, more stories to show. Of course people should want to be there in front of you, they should want to be discovered, like actors, they have to have smth to show.Through photographers eyes the whole world could be looking at you! And camera can see much further of persons appearance.”
  • “All the people are different and common at the same time! I am not an exception, which makes me a confirmation of this rule. All our lives we are looking for that differences and aliknesses between us. What makes us unique? The way we are looking!”
  • “Like people say: “Never say Never!”, I am holding to that idiom, because for each of your “never”, life keeps some test for you. If we are talking about preferences, then I prefer to shoot invented stories, than to run along shooting public realities.”
  • “Inspiration comes when you don’t wait for that, especially at nights, when darkness and calmness surrounds you, nothing disturbs and you can get deep into your thoughts, divide your feelings. Yes, night always inspires me! And of course traveling, one of my biggest passions and a source of inspire.”

You can find her at:

Flickr / Deviantart


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MM vol. 1

November 17, 2009

Презентация хип-хоп сборника MM vol. 1


Это попытка организовать ежемесячное хип-хоп мероприятие, которое централизовало и сплотило бы артистов со всей Латвии: из столицы и регионов. Основные приоритеты: профессионализм приглашаемых артистов, качественный звук и музыкальное оформление.


На первом мероприятии, которое состоится 27-го ноября в клубе Jameson (Рига, Kr. Barona iela 52), будет презентован сборник  MM vol.1. В сборнике представлены такие артисты как Misters, Edavārdi, Elfs, Kāsis, KZR, Debesutēvs. Кроме того ожидаются выступления от Skutelis’a (PKI) и группы “Рефлексы Знаний”, которые подготовят к мероприятию специальные программы с видео-инсталляциями.


Музыкальное оформление вечера возьмёт на себя DJ Get Fished из славного города Даугавпилс.

Начало мероприятия: 20:00

Стоимость входа: 1 Ls


Мероприятие начнётся вовремя!

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20-ого ноября в 18-00 в рижском клубе Art&Music Bakery (Bruninieku iela 73) Ikky и Dogout представят свои дебютные альбомы.. Ровно год прошло со времени основания студии звукозаписи OnlyOne Rec, как она уже пожинает первые плоды.

В рамках мероприятия будет возможность приобрести два альбома по символической цене. Все вырученные средства с концерта и продажи альбомов пойдут на благотворительность, в детский дом.

Вас ожидает специально подготовленное шоу, дружественная атмосфера,  масса  улыбок и эмоций на протяжении всего вечера!

Гости  мероприятия:  КааЛин, Черное Перо, L.A., СашаСнег и Дым2

Предлагаем  всем весело провести пятничный вечер с 18-00 до 22-00 в клубе Art&Music Bakery. С собой брать друзей и хорошее настроение!

Цена входа: 2ls

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Papajka @ FILTERED

November 16, 2009

  • Olga Tyukova / papajka
  • photo /  illustration
  • Open-minded, visual-oriented, sensitive young woman from Riga. Olya likes life, freedom and art and dislikes illiberality and lack of humor.
  • Olga says: “My first conceived photo session was when I was 12. Me and my friend, we dressed like Spice Girls and shot our jumps from sofa, these photos were full of joy, motion and youth.”
  • Olga started shooting when she realized that she often thinks in pictures. Most of her works are colorful, but she enjoys bw photography as well.
  • “Digital photography is very cozy and convenient in post-processing, but nothing can compair to the specific atmosphere of the films, which I now explore with great pleasure.”
  • “My perfect model is easily to involve in, she isn’t afraid to look ridiculous”.
  • Olga can’t imagine an object that isn’t worth shooting.
  • “I am still working on my unique style, and there are a lot of things to think about. One thing is fore sure –  main subject of my works are mostly people and different characters-doodles”
  • Olga is inspired by everything she sees, hears, reads or thinks.

You can find her at:

Flickr / papajka.com

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Olga Mihailova @ FILTERED

November 9, 2009

  • Olga Mihailova / moloko / ollia -m
  • Photography
  • “I share birthday with Velasquez and Pushkin, so a lot people predicted that I will be somehow connected with art. I tried playing guitar and flute, attended acting class and tried to draw. But I can’t say I succeeded at it, now I draw some small illustrations, but I share them only with friends. All “photography thing” started about 3 or 4 years ago. I worked in office to earn money for a DSLR camera. I owned Zenit 3M. We had some fun time together, but decided that it will be better for him to find new owner. I like lomography. I shot films with lomo fisheye and smena 8m. Now I have Holga and 3 undeveloped films. I enjoy taking pictures with camera phone, for me it’s a digital variation of lomography.”
  • “I like photography because it is easiest way to capture moments of life, but still I capture more with my eyes, than camera, because sometimes you may ruin the moment while turning your camera on. Life is too fast.”
  • “I can’t say I already did my serious piece of art. It’s still in future or doesn’t exists at all.”
  • “I like both color and b/w. Depending on what you want to show, but mostly I like pastel analog photos.”
  • “As I’m not good at knowing what I actually want, my best model is my best friend, who actually might be called my second half. We share a lot of ideas, she is beautiful and feels what I have in mind, but can’t explain.”
  • “In my opinion we all are different. Only thing I can say – there are two different people inside of me always fighting, and my mood and current interests depend on who of them won this time.”
  • “I will never capture fully naked body. Not because I’m shy, I just don’t consider it beautiful.”

You can find her at:


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Fotoforma +21 @ Fotomuzejs

November 8, 2009

Fotoforma +21 , human in time and room

Open from november 5 to november 29.

Official web site : fotomuzejs.lv

Read the description in LV

Artis Taurins @ FILTERED

November 8, 2009

  • Artis Taurins
  • Graphic design / Photography
  • “I’m 34cm wide-by-waist guy who likes potato pancakes, climbing trees, sleeping and is interested mainly in graphic design, but cherishing photography as well.”
  • Photography is a good way for self-exploration thanks to the possibility for stilling a quickly passing moment and then reflecting on it. Regarding this possibility, photography can also become a key the story which unveils and becomes alive in your imagination.”
  • “Graphic design is not very different from photography in terms of purpose to me, also it’s the same good old childhood playground with tools which have transformed into more sophisticated ones, but the idea of messing around with shapes, colours and materials finding the perfect-combo is the same. Only now you can also get payed for”
  • About his first serious piece of art : “Hopefully still to come, but there are naturally some works I hold dear and important to myself.”
  • “I like both colour palettes, though b/w is more preferable.”
  • “Everyday situations, quite suburban places, people and nature – perfect models and subjects.”
  • He does not think he is different.
  • He will never visualize kangaroo having a wank.

You can find him at:

Cargo collectiveBehance / Flickr

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Krišjānis @ FILTERED

November 6, 2009

  • Krišijānis
  • painting /  sketching
  • “i don’t take pictures i only make them.”
  • “I chose painting because I can play with it.”
  • “5 years ago , it was my first big painting.”
  • He likes colors.
  • The perfect model/subject – naked people.
  • He thinks he is different because he has big feet.
  • He will never visualize aliens.

You can find him at:


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