Katrina Lipska @ FILTERED

September 30, 2009


  • Katrina Lipska
  • Photography
  • She was born far in the Latvian countryside, now lives in Jurmala, visits Riga everyday. Loves to meet new people and capture them.  She adores music.
  • Photography for her is a tool to show all the rest everythign she thinks is beautiful. Through photos she shows life form her own side. She likes capturing emotions. Later, when looking at such pics she gets overtaken by the same emotions and feelings. She says it’s magic.
  • She made her first flicks when she was in the first grades in school. Her parents had film-camera Canon, an old one. And she took it secretly to school to take pictures of her classmates. 5 years ago, her dad bought himself first digital camera and Katrina was photographing everything she could see, than she decided she loves photography.

You can find her at:

Deviantart / Flickr

  • День Побега (interviewing Alexander Alexandrov)
  • soloist – Alexander Alexandrov; guitar – Felix Ronis;  drums – Slavik Brutan; saxophone – German Bezbabnyh
  • Alexander was born in Riga in 1988. When he was 2 he made his family sing in chorus and was the one to conduct them. Then he let music live it’s own life until he was 12. Then he got a guitar as a birthday gift. That is when he started playing. At the same time he began to compose. He played classic guitar for approx. 6 years. Then got an electric one. From the age of 16 he is into recording on computer. He has played and now sometimes plays in “Fort Spencer” band. Started performing with “День побега” in 2009, he was just curious to try something new.
  • He does not stick to any particular genre. Uses many as elements of the palette.   Так что generally speaking it’s an eclectic art song.
  • When we asked him if he is different, he said : “Some time ago i came across a picture. Lots of absolutely identical clowns and one of them has a bubble above his head with a thought saying “I am different”, such question can be answered with both “YES” and “NO”.
  • All his music is united by the author.

You can find their music at:


Nice atmosphere, low light and an “umbrella lamp” made our day ;>

Acoustic concert by:

Janis from “The Jammers”

Solo performer Marik

Alexander Kapich from “TAKMODNO”


Alexander Alexandrov from “День побега”

Music band “ППШ”

Оur guest performer Pierce

Be sure you wont miss this next time we’re out! Get ready for the next one. Be sure to hear from us soon ;>

Janis from “The Jammers”

Alexander Alexandrov from “День побега”

Thank you guys all who have played, and everyone who came.


FILTERED had a chance to participate in Aiziet club culture fest 18-19 of september 2009.

In association with rockneformat and Saksofons music club.

We were making a visualisation for two day’s concert at the club.

Including photo exhibition, video shots and painting by PAL.

A whole wall near the club was painted in 3 days.

You can now see the video featuring making of this wall.

We also liked few groups from the concert and you will soon see them @ FILTERED

Thanks to PAL (pal84.com)

Andris Barbans @ FILTERED

September 23, 2009


  • Andris Barbans
  • Photography / Design
  • Born and grew in Riga. He has always enjoyed creative and interesting events, which later sometimes became an adventure. He likes music. A good book, comfy couch and coffee – formula of a perfect Monday evening. He does not like casualty and boring people.
  • He thinks that photography is the best life mirror you could ever find. For Andris, personally, photography is tool to express himself, for you are able to show your mood, emotions through photography or just create something beautiful.
  • His first photograph was made when he was a child. He saw beautiful sunset, took grandfather’s camera and took a picture. Though it came out different way than he expected.
  • He likes black and white photography more than color, but takes b/w pictures quite rarely. Andris thinks that b/w picture is ought to be powerful and it’s hard to catch a moment when it will look good enough to be captured in b/w. But he also likes to play with color photography, creating different mood and atmosphere.
  • His perfect model is his sister. She is the one Andris likes to photograph, and the one who likes how Andris does it.
  • Andris says : ” Every photographer has his own vision and outlook. I have my own. This is what differs me from others.”
  • He will never photograph funeral.
  • Things that get him inspired : family, music, friends.

You can find him at:

Deviantart / Daportfolio


FILTERED @ Up in Smoke

September 21, 2009

Pavel Hotulev @ FILTERED

September 20, 2009


  • Pavel Hotulev / Fanfnir
  • Photography
  • He was born in Riga, Latvia where he continues to live up to nowadays. He hates hypocrisy, flattery, lies, and people who are stupid and arrogant at the same time. He dislikes crowds. He also dislikes fish, and heavy alcohol drinks.  He likes intelligent people with good character and their own outlook to life. He likes good vine, liqueur and pistachio ice cream.  About myself? I am a typical introvert. I am calm, which often irritates people around me.  I prefer communicating with someone I`ve known for a long time. I am not too communicative. I don’t talk much. But when i do say something it’s essential.
  • First pictures he did where photo of floods that happened near his house.
  • He started photographing because it seemed to be interesting. Later, he realized he is getting “addicted” to photography. He gives no preference neither to color nor black and white photography. He thinks it must be chose according to the situation and the idea.
  • His perfect model is a person, being able to get him interested in oneself not only due to pretty appearance but also because of having interesting personality.
  • He does not like to think of something in advance. Some time ago he thought he`d never photograph people. Now it is mostly what he does. So there is no such thing as “I will never photograph something” for Pavel.
  • He does not get inspired by anything specific. It’s just life itself that inspires him.

You can find him at:

Deviantart / fanfnir.110mb.com / fotoblog

Andrejs @ FILTERED

September 19, 2009


  • Andrejs
  • Photography
  • He was born in Riga. Lives and works here. He likes everything that is happening around him.
  • He chose photography because it’s his way of communicating with the rest of the world.
  • In the year 2005 he held a film camera in his hands for the first time in his whole life.
  • He prefers 100% color photography. That means absolutely no black and white.
  • The perfect model is something unreal. There is no such thing. You can get something genius out of every person.
  • The thing that makes him different from other photographers – hi has a tattoo on his left hand.
  • He will never photograph funeral.
  • He gets inspired by music and extraordinary people.

You can find him at:

Flickr / klab.lv





Jekaterina Prihodko @ FILTERED

September 14, 2009

  • Jekaterina Prihodko
  • Photography
  • “I am kind of person who doesn’t know what she knows exactly so tries everything. I have tried myself in sports (skateboarding, inline skating) and music (keyboard, guitar), but photography has been always with be while all this experimenting. I have just enrolled into the university, to study Environment. I have been always interested in ecology and healthy lifestyle and I believe I can make Earth a better place.”
  • “I simply think photography is beautiful. It’s also another way to make people smile.”
  • “I am not a serious photographer. I can easily stop photography for couple of months and then restart it with huge passion.”
  • “I think black and white photography is a better way to express, to show the hardness of emotions. It’s a good way to show something serious. I also don’t mind color photos, they can amaze your eyes. It’s a talent to be able to choose what kind of photography to use in certain moments.”
  • “Nature. I love nature. It can be amazing, crazy, cruel.. whatever you need.”
  • “Nowadays it’s kind of cool to be different or to try so. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Be yourself, be simple. But if you’re different from your birth, be proud. That’s it.”
  • “Whatever I say now, can change in a minute. As I have already said, I don’t know what I want and there’s nothing definite about me..”
  • “People who seem to be better than me – inspire me”

You can find her at:

Deviantart / vkontakte.ru