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February 11, 2010


Reinis Petersons @ FILTERED

January 29, 2010

This amazingly talented artist gave us permission to publish his works, leaving us a little hope to one day also get an interview from him. Let’s hope. And meanwhile..

Born 1981.lives and works in Riga, Latvia
Areas of work:Fine arts, video & illustration.

His website has a long list of places and projects he participated in.




Animation by Tron Mur Crew

January 25, 2010


Arthur Berzinsh @ FILTERED

December 26, 2009

  • Arthur Berzinsh
  • Painter / Photo manipulation / Video / Music / Graphic art
  • Born: April 20th, 1983 in Riga, Latvia.
  • Education: 2000 – 2005 J. Rozentals Riga Art School. 2005 – 2009 Latvian Art Academy (LMA, Visual Communications Department, bachelor) Since 2009 studies in LMA MA course.
  • Maybe for detached observer my creative work may seem like some kind of delirium of drunk angels, but actually each work of art I create contains a revelation, which partly is hidden, but other it’s parts gets denuded before the viewer. It’s such a marginal twilight world which I fill with my metaphors, and then I build these images on them like on frameworks.
  • I shoot photos mostly for the raw material in my creative works – for photo manipulations and other kind of visual communication. My main streamlines in creative work are painting and film making. Also besides I work as advertising artist and sometimes create music and write prose.
  • His first serious work –  In 2001 –” this is still one of my favourite paintings called “Ashes of our Eden” – it is 150 cm high”.
  • His perfect model – “The one that conform to the character that he/she has to represent in my vision”.
  • Is he different? “Yes, I am. I am different even anatomically – I am the only human in Latvia with two heart ventricles instead of four.”
  • “I will never visualise things, what are against my point of view.”
  • What inspires him? “Obsession. I’m obsessed. Creative plans and idea generating processes holds me in their grasp all the time. I observe things – inside of me, outside – from the abstract view, I transform one wraith into other wraith’s metaphor. Anything can inspire me, but mostly – personal emotional experiences and social exacerbations.”

You can find him at:


See the rest of the pictures and videos ;>

Halloween – How it was

November 1, 2009

9 bands

6 hours of live music

Indigo Art Club


Support from Listener.lv  / Mojo-jojo.lv / Ind-ex.lv

Check out the flicks ;> (click the link below)

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It is a Latvian festival for adventurous music. It is being organized once a year.

Artists:Battles, Radian, Wolf Eyes, Liars, Apziņas parazīti, Avarus, Jamie Lidell & Geoff Johnston, Amorālā Psihoze, Charles Curtis, BJ Nilsen, Blindsnakes , 2OT, Antireality, Spunk, Ilzegohome, Kaffe Matthews, Error, Christina Kubisch, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Carl Michael von Hauswolff, Stillupsteypa, Santa Ratniece, Kristaps Pētersons ar ansambli, Ballet Rachitis, Lucinda Dayhew, Keith Rowe, Ieva Parša, Pēteris Ķimelis, Gas of Latvia, Fe-mail, Andres Loo, Gustav, Thomas Ankersmit, Katrīna Neiburga, Gonzo, Arturas Bumsteinas, Hecker, General Magic, Tina Frank, Bernard Parmegiani, Dun Dun, Mira Calix, dj Miks Pētersons, Evelīna Deičmane, Rudens Lapas, Jacob Mandell, Russell Haswell, Michael Trost Depedro aka Kid 606, Gert-Jan Prins, Palinckx, dj Drazza, Gold Chains, dj Fett, Vladislav Delay, Ester Poli, Selffish, dj Neon-B, Voldemārs Johansons, Tujiko Noriko, Phill Niblock, Circle, Atis Vintuks, Aleksandrs Jalaņeckis, Altera Veritas, Andris Dzenītis, Gus Gus dj’s, Mona de Bo, COH, Francisco Lopez, ad_OS, Jeff Surak, dj Ned Beckett, Michael Gendreau, Raimonds Tiguls, Fritz Ostermayer, Jason Forrest, Kevin Blechdom, Felix Kubin, Darba dienests, Woodpecker Project, Cobra Killers, dj Ned Beckett, Tim Exile, Flat-E, Palace of Pleasure, Arm, Alog, Charlemagne Palestine, Thomas Koner, Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, oloolo, Oskars Poikāns, my-ym, Volokno, Terre Thaemlitz, Kārlis Auzāns, Alexandroid, Christian Fennesz, Jacob Kirkegaard, Claustrum, Tommi Gronlund & Petteri Nisunen, Max Eastley. Eliane Radigue, Volcano the Bear, Martin Wheeler, Kaspars Rolšteins, Muschraum, dj Tim Tetzner, Keiji Haino, MoHa!

More info at their official web-site.

Maksim Kalanep @ FILTERED

October 5, 2009

  • Maksim Kalanep / also known as iHc
  • Photography / Video
  • He is getting up late, goes to sleep late at night, does not like to be late, loves order. Prefers classical Kellogs as his breakfast’s meal.
  • He says : “We are all different, words can’t even describe it”.
  • He has always been into video shooting and editing. Started photographing when enrolled university.
  • He says : “The shooting process in both video and photography is really specific and expensive. In both photography and video i prefer fish-eye lenses, which are really costly. They are used to get a qide view from below, due to shooting from above usually leads to not seeing the trick itself or position of legs which is really important in skateboard shooting. They are also used when shooting several tricks in a row, which is called “a track”. Additionally, sometimes storyboards are being shot for magazine’s or web review. In these cases, DSLR of initial level are not good, due to their FPS is usually only 3-5 shots a second. Miminum FPS for such shooting is 8. Furthermore, an additional lightning is required for photo shooting. Such as pulsed light, for “freezing” action. For usually existing light is not enough for needed shutter speed. So we usually use 2-3 external flashlights. So as you see it’s quite costly, though it does not mean that you cannot photograph skaters without all these tools. But as i may know,  many photographers, who don’t use them have no knowledge in skateboarding, which is essential, and capture the wrong moments.”
  • Maksim says : ” Of course this sport is quite traumatic for both sportsmen and the operator. When photographing it’s usually uncertainty in where is the deck going to fly if the trick fails. When filming it is : pedestrians, high speed, deck under my feet, that can find a dimple or a pebble on a road.  Majority of skaters are happy to be filmed or photographed, but usually only when doing  a trick. When it comes to portraits or so,  opinions vary. Some are okay with it, others just hide.”
  • He chooses soundtrack according to his mood, the speed of tricks and montage, and of course his own preferences.
  • He gets inspired by clean works of other talented artists and art scenes. He loves travelling, although doesn’t travel as much as he wishes. At this time, he moslty likes visiting Barcelona, but he would also love to visit other countries, out of the EU.

You can find him at:

maksimkalanep.info / flickr / vimeo

And i advice you to visit the LINK and watch the “3 & 1/2 minutes of happiness” – it’s a real masterpiece!

FILTERED had a chance to participate in Aiziet club culture fest 18-19 of september 2009.

In association with rockneformat and Saksofons music club.

We were making a visualisation for two day’s concert at the club.

Including photo exhibition, video shots and painting by PAL.

A whole wall near the club was painted in 3 days.

You can now see the video featuring making of this wall.

We also liked few groups from the concert and you will soon see them @ FILTERED

Thanks to PAL (pal84.com)


September 13, 2009

18-19 september in association with rockneformat.lv and AIZIET! club culture festival at SAKSOFONS musical club

Concert organized by rockneformat.lv. Visualisation by FILTERED

Concert program available here : click.

Wall art by Pal (pal84.com)

Poster art by Anatoly Vyalikh


  • Jānis Zālītis  / JZ
  • Photography / Graphics (3d, vectors, photoshop) / Painting / Video
  • He is trying to learn as much as he can, but he mostly does things that are important to himself.
  • Jānis is friendly. He will never  make someone do something if it is not profitable for them.  He has more ideas than possibilities.  He never limits himself.  He tries to grow morally. And enrich his character.
  • He says: “Truly to say, I don`t remember when i did my first shot, but all members of my family where always somehow connected with photography. Both my parents where photographers, both sister are somehow connected with photography too, thats’s why I think that the moment when i got a camera and was said to picture something was quite natural. The moment when i realised i like taking photographs was 4 or 5 years ago.  I was photographing skaters and trying to make shots look as good as it can look.
  • “I started rollerskating  even before i realised i like photography.  I was skating with friends, jumping, having fun until one day one of us got a camera and we started photographing our own tricks, to see how high we can jump, or how the trick looks from aside. That’s how it was until one day i saw pictures in one of the skate magazines, it made me wondering how such pictures can be made and the tricks looked unreal to me at that moment.  Than i decided and saved some money and bought my first eos. But as time has shown it wasn’t my last buy, and after some time i bought few photoflashes,  tripods and other stuff. Of course when photographing skaters in action I sometimes wanted also to take pretty portrait shot. That’s how i started learning photography. I think that if you are a photographer and you don`t skate, you will never make beautiful picture of skater in action. You have to know something about it , other way you will not succeed.  Photographing rollerskaters you also have to know how to catch the right moment, if you press the button a bit earlier or later – the picture will not be what you wanted it to be.  I think this knowledge also helped me in photographin other things than skaters.  Like they say: “if a photographer sees a beautiful, ideal picture on his camera’s display, than it is already late”.
  • He says: “Why am I talanted? Thanks for the compliment ;> truly speaking, I don’t know. May be beacause i like experimenting. I like seeing things from different points of view, I am a bit more paitent that some others and i really want to do somethig great in my life.  I don’t like to watch TV all day and rest from the “hard” life.  Instead I go out and take photograps or do something else. I think a lot of people could discover a talent in them if they would not be that lazy or scared.
  • He is studting design in university. Works in media as video editor. In both places, he has learned a lot, which he thinks  will help him in the future.  Time to time he works as a photographer or designer.
  • He thinks that every photograph has to have an atmosphere, if you can reach that – it is okay, no metter if it is black and white or colour photography. Both variants have their own magic in it.  It only depends on how you use it.
  • I mostly photograph my friends, but I also had some experience in photographing musicians. I like variability, i can’t stay at something particular all the time. I could photograph almost everything, if it is a good day and my mind is generating good ideas.
  • He says that his model must be interesting. Photographin a pretty girl in a way that she lo oks pretty in the picture – is easy.  The easiest is photographing someone who has rich character, something that makes them look different from others but that is not popularity, for sure.  Some popular artists in Latvia for me are just people. Uninteresting and empty. For me, this kind of people are hard to photograph, because usually i do not like the result. Style is important but not in the way in which people get it.

You can find him at:

therolling.lv /   FLICKR

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis

by Janis Zalitis