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February 11, 2010

Fashion Dinner

January 26, 2010

Fashion Dinner ir vieta,kurā tiek apkopotas stilīgākās/gaumīgākās/spilgtākās personības no ielu modes (aka street style, street fashion) blogiem visā pasaulē.
Nāc ciemos : FASHIONDINNER.LV un ieskaties,kas notiek ielās tepat Latvijā!


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Some changes

January 26, 2010


now information about joining and following FILTERED is found on the “About” page.

And as you’ve noticed we are starting another page – “Must see.”

Which will contain information about interesting places and sites to see and visit. And links to our friends ;>



Animation by Tron Mur Crew

January 25, 2010


Hip Hop Awards

January 12, 2010

Hip-Hops post – padomju telpā arvien retāk tiek uztverts kā kaut kas svešs un nezināms. Lai cik tas nebūtu jocīgi, bet arī Latvijā šī kultūra aug tik pat strauji un dažās pozīcijās tā pat izraujas tālu priekšā. Par izņēmumu nekļuva arī aizvadītais 2009. gads.

Viens no centrālajiem Hip-hop kultūras portāliem www.lvhh.lv , šī gada 17. janvārī rīko aizvadītā gada muzikālo rezultātu apkopojumu. Dotais pasākums norisināsies klubā Colonnade (Dzirnavu iela 57), kur notiks koncerts, kā arī pasākuma ietvaros tiks apbalvoti labākie hip-hop kultūras pārstāvji, kuri tika noteikti ar portāla apmeklētāju atklātā balsojuma palīdzību.

Svinīgā ceremonija notiks vienlaikus ar lielu koncertu, kuru sniegs gan konkrēto nomināciju uzvarētāji, gan arī nosauktie pretendenti!

Ja vēlaties pārliecināties, ka reps Latvijā tomēr ir, gaidām Jūs 17.-jā janvārī (plkst. 16.00) klubā Colonnade!

Ieejas biļetes cena: 2 Ls

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Skating culture developing

January 12, 2010

VEF 5. korpuss: tiek aizsākts projekts skeitborda kultūras attīstībai

2010. gada janvārī Rīgā, bijušās VEF rūpnīcas teritorijā, tiek aizsākts projekts skeitborda kultūras attīstībai, kas šobrīd tiek dēvēts kā VEF 5. Projekta veidotāji komentē, ka skeitbordam kā sporta veidam ir cieša saistība ar mūziku, foto un video mākslu, tāpēc projekta ietvaros paredzēts, ka VEF 5. korpuss būs vieta, kur var ne tikai skeitot, bet arī apskatīt izstādes un piedalīties video seansos. Paredzēts, ka regulāri tiks organizēti dzīvas un elektroniskās mūzikas koncerti. VEF 5. korpusa skeitparks publiski būs pieejams jau janvāra beigās, bet pilnīga parka konstruēšanas darbu pabeigšana  tiek plānota uz februāra beigām.

VEF 5. korpusa galvenajā telpā tiek veidots skeitparks, kur visas konstrukcijas būs piemērotas tieši skeitbordam. Skeitparka klientiem būs pieejamas duša un skapīši personīgo mantu uzglabāšanai. Atsevišķās telpās dažādu izstāžu un video seansu ietvaros, varēs apskatīt gan pašmāju, gan ārzemju mākslinieku darbus.

Tāpat neatņemama 5. korpusa un skeitborda dzīvesveida sastāvdaļa būs Skeitbārs, kurā būs iespējams atpūsties ar draugiem, izbaudot īpašu skeitborda stilā ieturētu interjeru. Kā unikālu 5. korpusa sastāvdaļu iecerēts izveidot naktsmītni skeiteriem, kas būs atsevišķa telpa, kur būs iespēja pārlaist nakti tiem viesiem, kas ieradušies ciemos no tālienes. Nedēļas nogalēs skeitparka telpas pārtaps par kultūras un muzikālo pasākumu norises vietu.

Tiek plānots, ka projekts atradīsies nemitīgā attīstības stāvoklī, ļaujot visiem tā veidotājiem izpausties savā radošumā. Tas tiks pilnveidots un pārveidots katrai nākamajai sezonai, tiks organizētas sporta sacensības un daudzveidīgi tematiskie pasākumi.

VEF 5. Korpuss
Tālr.: +371 29349040

Epasts: vef5.korpuss@gmail.com
Adrese: Ūnijas iela 4 (ieeja no Brīvības 214), VEF 5. korpusa 1. stāvs, LV-1039

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January 12, 2010

Read it in Russian

  • Ilona Pulkstene / LAVLADA
  • Photography
  • “Born in Latvia. Lives in Jurmala. ART-PHOTO PROFESSIONAL Photography is my job and hobby. I love what I do with all my heart. I am always honest and responsible towards people i meet every day, I am open-minded, optimistic with a good sense of humor. I love experimenting and new projects. My favorite photography genres are portrait and nude photography. I love adding some mysticism to pictures.  I never think trhough all the details before I get to work, usually idea forms itself in the process. I mostly work with individual orders. And the perfect model for me is the model who has forgotten that she is one. There are no such thing as ugly people or not photogenic poeple. There is an unwrought stone in every person, which turns into shining dimond after some manipulations. “
  • “I prefer black and white photography, digital. I will never visualise something that will bring harm or will compromise anyone.”
  • “We are all different , everyone has his own manere of working, his own taste, feelings, emotions. There mus be no competition in this. Do I have my own style? People tell me “Yes, you do” I say to myself  ” I don’t know”.  I believe it’s like one’s own body odor which you can’t feel so my viewers answer for me. “
  • ” I wish you all love, harmony and understanding. Health and all kinds of artistic achievements. Never stop creating, playing, drawing, composing, fantasizing, inventing. Smile to the worlds and it will smile back to you! ;>”

You can find her at:


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Maxim Kool @ FILTERED

December 26, 2009

  • Maxim Kool / Chiko / Chikanutoja noga
  • Film photography
  • “Usually I can’t tell a lot about myself. I was born in the end of 1990 in November. I had a pretty nice childhood full of different trips and journeys. Furthermore, I enjoy to dance, especially break dance, this is my passion)) Usually I dance together with my friends. Also all my family is interested in water tourism, we swim in different rivers on self made or bought boats. I like to travel in different countries to discover new places that I have never seen and meet new people.”
  • “When I was 13 or 14 me and my friend were playing with digital camera, shooting everything, everywhere. Then, we forgot about it for some time. Two years ago when my grandma gave me the heavy Zenit-11 as a present, I made my first shots and some of them were really nice considering that it was my first time. I was surprised by the colors and quality of the pictures, they gave me the reason to continue to take pictures.”
  • “For a long time I used only color film, but 3 or 4 months ago I tried black and white film for the first time. The result was very interesting and inspiring. I think that in future I will use both of them color and black and white.”
  • “My ideal object and model is nature and people that surround me.”
  • “I’m different and at the same time I’m like others.”
  • He will never visualise death.
  • “Usually I’m inspired with other photographers and with new places where I travel, last but not least is the nature! Sometimes with my own pictures :)”

You can find him at:


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  • Santa Dimante / Zip Fon Moloko
  • Photography / fashion photography
  • “I don’t like speaking about myself. I love to show myself through my work, my stile, my image.”
  • “However, my story is simple – a long time ago my dad bought a camera Zenit ET, with which he loved to picture me and mom, and the sea. I remember when, being a child, I was irritated by similar photos in albums and I used to ask my parents why do they take them. Later, at school, I began to take photos on my phone – back then, I had nothing but a 2 mp built in camera. I suppose I won’t recall my first responsible shot: it happen so instantly, from a cool pic to an effort of self-expression. I felt photography absorbed me, I developed a better technique.”
  • “For me, photography is a climb to the top of Kilimanjaro. Why not Everest? Because I like to be different. Why say “a climb”? Because I don’t like easy targets. Why to the top? Because I think that the things I’m doing now are just a foundation of my potential. I’m only at the foot of Kilimanjaro, my friends, and it gives me goosebumps.”
  • “Actually, I don’t count myself to be a photographer, and I don’t want to become one. Photo, graphic, style, image – notions, that interlace so tightly in everything that interests me.”
  • “Now I can surely say, that if I would call myself a photographer, then it would be a portraitist and a black-and-whiter. I’ve been told in college that there are people, who draw with colours, and there are people, who play with light and shade. I relate to the second type. Colour is important in a shot if it has a meaning or gives us the atmosphere.”
  • “I put film-made photos above the digital ones. It has a lot of reasons, but I like to give an example: Chopin’s waltz – classical or electrical piano?”
  • “Ideal models don’t exist. The ideal is not perfect. But you can find very interesting crow’s noses and very sexy crooked teeth.”
  • She will never visualise perfect people, boring faces and bad taste.
  • “Of course everyone’s photos are different like handwriting is different. If it’s not, it makes you ask if everything is ok with this guy.”
  • “I had an experience working for an order, taking glamorous photos of young girls. I also took pics on a lomo-cam from outside a train window. And all these are pixeled melodies. Or grains of silver.”
  • “Music inspires me. Brit rock, rock’n’roll, the sixties, the seventies… something classical eventually. Images – people, who’s life, like books, an I want to became an illustrator. I’m inspired by feelings. I’m inspired by everything that makes my heart beat faster.”

You can find her at:

Deviantart / Diary

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Krišjānis @ FILTERED

November 6, 2009

  • Krišijānis
  • painting /  sketching
  • “i don’t take pictures i only make them.”
  • “I chose painting because I can play with it.”
  • “5 years ago , it was my first big painting.”
  • He likes colors.
  • The perfect model/subject – naked people.
  • He thinks he is different because he has big feet.
  • He will never visualize aliens.

You can find him at:


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