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November 29, 2009

  • ППШ
  • Ilja Kireev – guitar, vocal; Andrew Vloh – bass, vocal; Kamil Makurin – drums
  • ППШ stands for Пистолет-Пулемет Шпагина. “No! We’re not the fans of weapon, we just thought, that name shows soul of II World War..We were interested not in the war, but the role of Russian people in it..And this role is – pain, unending losses, brave and honest.. We just proud of ourselves that we part of Russian culture.. ” Band was born in Riga, a little more than 1 year ago. Musicians were grown at classic rock (Led Zepelin, Deep Purple) and progressive rock (Dream Theater), as also at classic Russian rock.
  • Band plays all different kind of rock and sometimes blues.
  • The band was organised, because “We study badly, girls not always like us and computer games were boring.. we had nothing to do.”
  • We practice 2 times a week, trying to make it 3 times.
  • “We better play pop, than metal or hardcore”
  • “We play not very often on concerts, but always happy to present our music to listeners.”
  • “Every musician/band tries to be different, we don’t think that we are completely different, but of course we don’t want to be plagiarists “
  • We like musicians in our country, such as : Position Zero, DA-BA, North Wind, Annushka, White Noise.”

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