• Andris Vītoliņš / Vītoliņš
  • Painting / Photography / Design
  • Vītoliņš was born in Liepaja, which leaves a great imprint.  He has a bad temper sometimes, he might call himself difficult.
  • He says : “When a man in our country starts to do something like painting, he becomes different from others. I am proud of this.  Being different is exclusive.”
  • He enjoys swimming and riding bicycle, especially riding it in the center of the city.
  • He says: “I was born in 1975, 28. of September in Latvian port city  Liepaja.  The school i was going to ws situated in Riga. After i graduated from school i went to  crafts school where i learned how to be a decorator. In times of the last socialism period’s i was working at Red Star Factory for one month, putting together motorbikes. Then I was accepted to Latvian Art academy where i spent about 7 years changing faculties. Starting with design and ending with painting faculty. I graduated from the Academy as a master of painting.  In my art, at first i was making different objects and installations. In the recent years i moslty paint.  I am very much attracted by industrial sceneries and different technical stuff and objects. Factories,  oil derricks and cars are as close to me as people.  I explore and photograph these industrial monsters quite often. Later, from the photographs i make i get the inspiration to paint.  Often, i even get to know the history of these objects, this is similar to the process when surgeon before the operation reads the patient’s history.  Then in process I operate just like plastic surgeon,  сonverting objects, giving them new appereance and sometimes even soul.  In the end, these monsters look at you with their new faces and rarely anyone can recognize them.”
  • At the moment Vītoliņš is getting prepared for an exhibition which we will be able to see next year.  He also is in the process of creating a book.
  • He also draws people but does not show those paintigs as often as industrially themed.

You can find him at:




:Dobro @ Orbita

February 28, 2010

05.03.2010 “:Dobro” Весенний концерт на Андрейсале!

Зима отступает. Время от времени в воздухе уже чувствуется весенний запах, душа всё чаще просит лирики, хочется совершать легкомысленные поступки. Жизнь в этом городе вот-вот начнёт просыпаться и нам бы очень хотелось ускорить этот процесс!

5-го марта творческая мастерская “Орбита” приглашает вас на весенний концерт-посиделки “:Dobro” для того, чтобы вместе с группами “Da`Ba”, “Forshpil” и “Kaķis Maisā” прочувствовать волнующее весеннее настроение в уютной и душевной атмосфере. А после концерта все желающие смогут остаться на просмотр фильма “Happy-Go-Lucky”. О чае, кофе и кое-чём покрепче позаботится вагончик „Coffee Time”.

начало: 20:00

Стоимость входа: 2 ls

адрес: Андрейостас 4, корпус 15




  • Gatis Kurzemnieks
  • different forms of visual communication
  • “I have studied very different things – starting from 3D graphics to software engineering and real time graphics programming, and the most recent – visual communication in Latvian academy of Art.
    I have always been fascinated by possibilities of new technologies – especially in real time 3D graphics, so for the last five years, I have been working as a game developer. Lately I feel, that I have had enough of making games and I want to try something new. I hope I have gathered quite unique set of skills while living in both – technical and artistic worlds, so I am ready for about anything.”
  • “I am visual artist because I like everything that is visual. I don’t care what it is, but if it looks good and interesting – I’m in! Pretty pictures – yay!!! “
  • “I don’t think I have ever done a serious piece of art. What is serious anyway? It is always about playing, experimenting and learning. “
  • His perfect model/subject is someone extraordinary.
  • We asked him if he thinks he is different and here is his answer : “Deep down we are all the same. “
  • He gets inspired by Simple things around us, music, movies, books, people.

You can find him at: / behance



  • Normunds Rustanovičs / N.R.
  • Photography
  • “I don’t lock myself to a specific category, as photography is not my only hobby, I try to explore different areas, mostly landscape, street and portrait. I started to do street when I got my first order of TRIX400 BW film, which is wonderful for this purpose.”
  • “I guess I started to get serious about photography because I love nature, I like to freeze the wonderful moments as I see them, and show them to others. I travel by bicycle and have seen probably all of Latvia, so I have had many opportunities to make images. Apart from photography and travel I also do Geo caching and Web design, I guess all of these go together well. I don’t make images often – my inspiration comes like waves, at some periods of time, I make no images at all. For months there could be nothing. Then one day, I have a good mood, and make some really good stuff, that I want to post on flickr (this is where I put my favorites).”
  • “I like Landscape photography, because landscape never goes anywhere. You can anticipate the best light, best angles, and come at the right time. I won’t escape, and I love the peace of untouched nature.”
  • “I guess I got serious as soon as I got my first camera. I had a Zenith quite a long time back, when I was a kid, but as soon as I ran out of film, I forgot about it, and the next phase started after I bought a digital Canon soapbox. Nothing spectacular came out of it, but after my SLR upgrade, I even managed to sell one of my images for quite a nice sum (see it), so this is when I became “professional” :) Just joking, I’m not a professional except in the sense that I have been paid to take images.”
  • “Black and White.  Color. Each for a different purpose. Street and portrait I like in BW, of course – better if it’s film. I actually make quite a few images with my Nikon F3, a fantastic manual camera. My landscapes always turn out better in color, although it takes my breath away to look at full size Ansel Adams prints (which are black and white).”
  • A perfect object for photographing – “Untouched nature from the perfect vantage point, at the right light. It’s my dream scenario.”
  • “Isn’t everyone different? At least everyone likes to believe that. I guess that everyone has their specific taste in terms of image composition, saturation, contrast, noise – some people prefer grainy Holga images, some like over saturated, noise-reduced HDRs. I guess I have my own taste, and it’s very critical. This is why I don’t have many images posted online, and this is why I don’t have many absolute-favorites from other photographers.”
  • “There is nothing – no view, no emotion – that can’t be visualized and brought to the viewer. The only trick is, to do it in a way, that reaches the maximum possible people. Maybe there is a specific way that brings emotion to one person, but maybe there is another way that brings emotion to ten people. If you learn to reach more people with your image, you become a photographer.”
  • He gets inspiration from music.

You can find him at:

Flickr / blog



Roman Drits @ FILTERED

January 28, 2010


  • Роман Дриц \ Roman Drits \ Romāns Drics
  • Photography
  • Was born and grew up in Riga; has a decent personality, manly but сapricious, kind, moderately patient.
  • His first conscious photograph:

  • At this time, he tries not to realize what he is photographing.
  • He prefers black and white photography. In color (at least for now) there are too many odd things for him.
  • Despite the fact that he uses film cameras for his works, he does not feel any disgust towards digital equipment.
  • His perfect model must be “out-of-body”.
  • All his works are united by defined or undefined atmosphere.
  • He gets inspired by finale of Beethoven’s ninth symphony.

You can find him at: / Flickr / blogspot



Mārtiņš @ FILTERED

January 27, 2010

  • Mārtiņš/martini
  • Live digital painting
  • Born in Riga in February of 1986. Studied traditional painting, drawing, sculpting also 3d modelling, illustration, video arts and web-design at Janis Rozentals Riga Art School. Right now studying visual communication in Academy of Arts of Latvia. Always wanted to become a game developer.
  • Started only in 2007, when I tried to draw digitally(notebook+Wacom tablet) live models and surroundings as I have done it past decade in school, though with paper and pencil or oil and canvas. Paintings are mostly done in 30 minutes to 2 hours (usually till notebook`s battery depletes), so they have sketchy and fresh feel.
  • Perfect model.. unaware of the photographer or artist who is taking photo/drawing him so he/she is as natural as possible – that`s why no one is looking straight at me in my works, models are caught in the middle of work, conversation or just taking a rest.
  • “Am I different? Yeah as we all are..”
  • Inspired by surroundings, other artists, movies, games.

You can find him at:

FLICKR / portfolio



Animation by Tron Mur Crew

January 25, 2010


H concert within F Session

January 25, 2010

H stands for Home-style.  A little concert in Up in Smoke bar featuring :

Berry Sun; A.Aleksandrov; A. Kapich; Marik; Pasha Smirnoff; Janis (The Jammers);

Concert by FILTERED within the “F Session”

“F Session” will be сoncert series each with a name of one letter which stands for the style of concert being held.

Followed by “C night” (more information on this – later this week)



January 20, 2010

  • Ainārs, Ragazm
  • In search of his style and genre / Graphic art
  • “I am 21 years old. Living in little city in Rezekne, where you can count on fingers all people who are somehow interested in art. Although I am so young, I have already tried so many things in my life, starting with music (when I was 14 i founded a punk-rock band that existed 5 years), than also art and photography. I can’t live without any way of expressing myself. And i prefer art as the most developed tool of such. Also I am a bit more radical then any other artist, for punk-rock culture is 1/3 of my life now and it left an unforgettable mark in my mind. I have learned to look at everything in a bit different way.”
  • “I am a person with an associative way of thinking. I can get inspired from rocks, leaves, paper sheets, concrete, but the best way to get inspiration undoubtedly is music in which you can feel the atmosphere.”

You can find him at:


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Liene Bakāne @ FILTERED

January 19, 2010

  • Liene Bakāne
  • Photography
  • She is 14 years old.
  • She thinks a good model – is a person who likes to pose, is emotional and interesting.

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