• Aleksandrs Muižnieks / Boze
  • Photography/ Painting / Video making and edit
  • “I was born, 1991 March 30, in Riga. I still live there,and I really love this city and all who are around – people, nature, city lifestyle and more.
    I am an impulsive man, if something comes to my mind I don’t think very long but just do it now. Besides photography I study in secondary school and plus work in local shop. Also I roller-skate at amateur level. After some time I realized that if I can’t give something for skating, then I can do that with taking photos, after that I’ve started my photograpy story. In free time I like chilling with my friends or simply do nothing!
    Also I paint sometime, in the past, painting was a passion for me. I went to art class, but then I left it, I just don’t know why. Also I’m making some videos for my team. I believe that everything what I do will be useful in the future.”
  • “Art for me is something like a toy for little children. When I feel if I need it, I just take it and do something with them, do some scratches on my paper, for example, or I take my camera and make some photos!”
  • “I really can’t remember my first work, but all my life I was painting something on paper and now I do that too.”
  • “Nothing is perfect, but if you got skills you can make something from nothing.”
  • He will never visualise  something that really is not acceptable for people.
  • His inspiration: “I think all photographers which I know! I can learn a lot from them and maybe they can learn something from me.”

You can find him at:

FLICKR / blog