• Gatis Kurzemnieks
  • different forms of visual communication
  • “I have studied very different things – starting from 3D graphics to software engineering and real time graphics programming, and the most recent – visual communication in Latvian academy of Art.
    I have always been fascinated by possibilities of new technologies – especially in real time 3D graphics, so for the last five years, I have been working as a game developer. Lately I feel, that I have had enough of making games and I want to try something new. I hope I have gathered quite unique set of skills while living in both – technical and artistic worlds, so I am ready for about anything.”
  • “I am visual artist because I like everything that is visual. I don’t care what it is, but if it looks good and interesting – I’m in! Pretty pictures – yay!!! “
  • “I don’t think I have ever done a serious piece of art. What is serious anyway? It is always about playing, experimenting and learning. “
  • His perfect model/subject is someone extraordinary.
  • We asked him if he thinks he is different and here is his answer : “Deep down we are all the same. “
  • He gets inspired by Simple things around us, music, movies, books, people.

You can find him at:

faktora.lv / behance




Roman Drits @ FILTERED

January 28, 2010


  • Роман Дриц \ Roman Drits \ Romāns Drics
  • Photography
  • Was born and grew up in Riga; has a decent personality, manly but сapricious, kind, moderately patient.
  • His first conscious photograph:

  • At this time, he tries not to realize what he is photographing.
  • He prefers black and white photography. In color (at least for now) there are too many odd things for him.
  • Despite the fact that he uses film cameras for his works, he does not feel any disgust towards digital equipment.
  • His perfect model must be “out-of-body”.
  • All his works are united by defined or undefined atmosphere.
  • He gets inspired by finale of Beethoven’s ninth symphony.

You can find him at:

romandrits.com / Flickr / blogspot



  • Oskars Pavlovskis
  • Graphics
  • He never limited himself within any particular category. He does whatever he finds interesting for himself.
  • Born in Latvia,Riga. He is involved with art since early childhood. Starting with art schools and ending with LMA. Works professionally as a computer graphics artist. This is exactly what he wants ti be doing in the future. Particularly designing computer games.
  • He gets inspired almost by everything.

You can find him at:




Mārtiņš @ FILTERED

January 27, 2010

  • Mārtiņš/martini
  • Live digital painting
  • Born in Riga in February of 1986. Studied traditional painting, drawing, sculpting also 3d modelling, illustration, video arts and web-design at Janis Rozentals Riga Art School. Right now studying visual communication in Academy of Arts of Latvia. Always wanted to become a game developer.
  • Started only in 2007, when I tried to draw digitally(notebook+Wacom tablet) live models and surroundings as I have done it past decade in school, though with paper and pencil or oil and canvas. Paintings are mostly done in 30 minutes to 2 hours (usually till notebook`s battery depletes), so they have sketchy and fresh feel.
  • Perfect model.. unaware of the photographer or artist who is taking photo/drawing him so he/she is as natural as possible – that`s why no one is looking straight at me in my works, models are caught in the middle of work, conversation or just taking a rest.
  • “Am I different? Yeah as we all are..”
  • Inspired by surroundings, other artists, movies, games.

You can find him at:

FLICKR / portfolio



Animation by Tron Mur Crew

January 25, 2010


Sintija @ FILTERED

January 19, 2010

  • Sintija
  • Photography / Digital painting
  • “I live in Jelgava, I do nothing “out-of-the-ordinary”. I am 16 years old. I spend free time drawing, photographing, reading and playing computer. Just like everyone i guess. I really like bad weather, fall and winter.”
  • “I started photographing because everyone did it, it looked simple and beautiful so i decided i should try. I had ideas and i needed to fulfill them.”
  • “My perfect model is a person who knows exactly how to pose herself. One, who does not need to be told how to stand and what to do. One, whom i can say “You are happy”; “You are sad”; “You are broken” – and she will understand and do what i ask.”
  • “I will never be able to visualise street. I just can’t.”
  • She partly gets inspired by movies and books but mostly she gets inspiration from Deviantart website.
  • From FILTERED team : and hey, she obviously has some passion for Beatles ;>

You can find her at:


see the rest of the pictures ;>

Jevgenija Bitter @ FILTERED

October 24, 2009

  • Jevgenija Bitter
  • Photography / Art-Photo-Trash
  • “I like to think of myslef like of an rising artist, but i never call myself a professional photographer. I have a passionate love affair with life, and I fully enjoy everything that life have to offer me. I am art active for about two years, and in this period all i am doing is trying to be better in creating my own reality.”
  • “Photography is my favorite toy on time freezing since i remember myself. I started to play with images in more adult games when i found in them huge gaming platform for my imagination. I started generating my own world. Images of bygone days, old dark fairytale and dreams, clowns, noir divas, lunatics.”
  • “I adore to portray the inner life of people to show them and to show others different sides of themselves. I see so many colors and shades that any Japanese would go mad and crazy… But anyway I prefer a black-and-white photography. A lot of my works taking inspiration from the 1960-1980’s black and white European cinema, films by directors David Lynch, Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Passolinni and Almodovar.”
  • “I am infinitely in love with analogue photo. Matchless quality of analog pictures, depth and spirit what they bear in themselves, will never be compared to electronic quality of Digital cameras.”
  • “Human being in the biggest sense of the word. All kinds of ranges, appearances, colors, small or big, men or women. The main thing, open mind, open soul and big desire to start a game what i call “Photo Hunting”. We are – our photos. We simply flow in them gradually.”
  • “I accept something or don`t accept, according to the concept of the work. Sometimes I don’t agree with something because I don’t like it. I don’t want to provoke people with anger or with ugly things, i want to express my freedom of thought and speech. I have no intentions in doing harm to people.”
  • “I call myself – a self proclaimed genius. but true is – we all are. and i am just a tired from springs happy eccentric woman. My autumn is amazing, and I protect its light…”
  • “My works are manifestation of life incredible passion, of love and sorrow, of melancholy and happiness, of madness and calmness, of a deep human soul. There is always a story behind them but, I always leave it open to the audience so they can make their own interpretation.”
  • “I can get my inspiration from a ton of places and artists… David Lynch, Klimt, Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, Frida Kahlo, Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Hans Christian Andersen and The Grims Brothers, list can be endless… in other words i can tell – life is my inspiration. My thoughts and my visions sometimes go so mixed up, i am so absent-minded. Cinema and art influence my life a lot. Ideas come up and I often try to turn them into reality.”

You can find her at:

Deviantart / Daportfolio

Konrad Langa @ FILTERED

October 13, 2009

  • Konrad Langa / enok
  • Digital art / Photo manipulation / Drawings
  • “i am very calm , but still emotional.  very talkative. i am trying to find my place under the sun.”
  • “i got inspired by some great artist and started making my own things”
  • “i drew a circus when i was 7 :D but really i made “even gold breaks” about 2 years ago .”
  • “psychedelic is the best for me “
  • “i think i’m like everyone , but everyone is different so …”
  • “i have started doing photo manipulation about 2 years ago. before that i was drawing . i am inspired by my own mood and the people around me”

You can find him at:


Gundega Deģe @ FILTERED

October 6, 2009

  • Gundega Dege / Sundew
  • Photography / Digital art
  • She says : “Its very difficult to tell something about me- I am very different, I dont like to be the same – I like to surprise people around with my difference. I am very energetic and emotional.  I like to tell the truth.”
  • After finishing university ( I got BA in English language) , I  worked as a translator, and later as a public relations specialist and photojournalist in a local newspaper where  I discovered the world of photography. I  had been taking pictures during her schooling on a casual basis, but in 2004 i  got involved in photography seriously and  I  bought my first digital camera. Her first experience was taking photos of children. She self taught photography through books, photo magazines, and workshops.”
  • Definitely black and white photography more, because I like to see how color images change when you make them in bw- you start to feel rhythm, forms, contrasts. BW is more emotional.”
  • “My perfect model – open, free, exciting, emotive, good eye contact, willing to work with photographer. Not always with perfect body. I work more with ordinary people, than with Professional models, they are more natural.”
  • “Sure thing i am different. I hear it since my childhood. Everything stared in my childhood, I got very light skin color and natural very blond hair color, I looked different , and felt like a „white bird”among the rest. Nothing more has changed now when I am 37, I still feel the same l- standing aside and looking on what is happening in the World, trying to Express my emotions with my images….”
  • The world around and inside of me inspires me. Once I took photos about what I saw; now I take photos about what I feel… You shouldn’t be afraid to show people the world from the other side, and remember that it’s one thing to wish to take photos, but you must have the power and sense to take them! No matter what camera you have, the main thing is what you have in your mind and soul. Sometimes people say they are crying when they look at my images. I think I have put much of myself in them, as well as my daughter Linda who is the main model here.”

  • Diana Stadņuka
  • Graphic artist / Painter
  • Diana loves to observe people while at the same time she hates them. Her personality is full of contrasts, mistakes and obscurity and she is a different person every day, because it’s pointless and boring to stay the same and stick to only one point of view which lets her be flexible and achieve anything she wants. She never looks back at the past because no one can change it or bring it back so she prefers to work hard for tomorrow or enjoy her present.
  • Diana has always felt different but not always realized she was. Over time life got weirder and weirder and people told her she was different indeed…  “Too weird to live, to rare to die”
  • Train tracks, rain, cats, documentaries, soviet films, independence are just a few things that she likes. Diana doesn’t like hot weather, crowded places and Jurmala.
  • When Diana draws or paints something she enjoys the process more than the outcome and doesn’t put any meaning in the image. But when art will turn from a hobby in to work, she hopes to be able to enjoy the results on billboards and posters.



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