• Andris Vītoliņš / Vītoliņš
  • Painting / Photography / Design
  • Vītoliņš was born in Liepaja, which leaves a great imprint.  He has a bad temper sometimes, he might call himself difficult.
  • He says : “When a man in our country starts to do something like painting, he becomes different from others. I am proud of this.  Being different is exclusive.”
  • He enjoys swimming and riding bicycle, especially riding it in the center of the city.
  • He says: “I was born in 1975, 28. of September in Latvian port city  Liepaja.  The school i was going to ws situated in Riga. After i graduated from school i went to  crafts school where i learned how to be a decorator. In times of the last socialism period’s i was working at Red Star Factory for one month, putting together motorbikes. Then I was accepted to Latvian Art academy where i spent about 7 years changing faculties. Starting with design and ending with painting faculty. I graduated from the Academy as a master of painting.  In my art, at first i was making different objects and installations. In the recent years i moslty paint.  I am very much attracted by industrial sceneries and different technical stuff and objects. Factories,  oil derricks and cars are as close to me as people.  I explore and photograph these industrial monsters quite often. Later, from the photographs i make i get the inspiration to paint.  Often, i even get to know the history of these objects, this is similar to the process when surgeon before the operation reads the patient’s history.  Then in process I operate just like plastic surgeon,  сonverting objects, giving them new appereance and sometimes even soul.  In the end, these monsters look at you with their new faces and rarely anyone can recognize them.”
  • At the moment Vītoliņš is getting prepared for an exhibition which we will be able to see next year.  He also is in the process of creating a book.
  • He also draws people but does not show those paintigs as often as industrially themed.

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Andris Barbans @ FILTERED

September 23, 2009


  • Andris Barbans
  • Photography / Design
  • Born and grew in Riga. He has always enjoyed creative and interesting events, which later sometimes became an adventure. He likes music. A good book, comfy couch and coffee – formula of a perfect Monday evening. He does not like casualty and boring people.
  • He thinks that photography is the best life mirror you could ever find. For Andris, personally, photography is tool to express himself, for you are able to show your mood, emotions through photography or just create something beautiful.
  • His first photograph was made when he was a child. He saw beautiful sunset, took grandfather’s camera and took a picture. Though it came out different way than he expected.
  • He likes black and white photography more than color, but takes b/w pictures quite rarely. Andris thinks that b/w picture is ought to be powerful and it’s hard to catch a moment when it will look good enough to be captured in b/w. But he also likes to play with color photography, creating different mood and atmosphere.
  • His perfect model is his sister. She is the one Andris likes to photograph, and the one who likes how Andris does it.
  • Andris says : ” Every photographer has his own vision and outlook. I have my own. This is what differs me from others.”
  • He will never photograph funeral.
  • Things that get him inspired : family, music, friends.

You can find him at:

Deviantart / Daportfolio



July 2, 2009


  • ZAI
  • Street artists / Designers / Happy couple
  • Madara and Andris ZAI team do it because they like it. They place stickers all over different cities to make them more friendly.
  • The couple lives with their two cats in an Art Nouveau building in the center of Riga, Latvia.
  • If ZAI had not become artists they would be sportsman (Andris) and veterinarian (Madara). If they could live somewhere apart from Riga they would have chosen Tokyo.  Andris can get inspired from everything around him. As for Madara,  she gets inspired from her family, people who make sweet stuff, nature, traveling, good boks, magazines.

You can find them at: