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Edgars Kaplers @ FILTERED

October 15, 2009

  • Edgars Kaplers
  • Analog photography/ alternative photography
  • “I’m a studying civil engineering at Riga Technical University and I’m in my third year of studies. Basically it’s building and constructions. I dislike staying in one place for a longer period of time, so I try to get out of Riga for some 3 or 4 days to go to the East. Riga has dirty air other things to avoid. I would describe myself as a stiff-necked or stubborn person, because I have my own very strong opinion of things and facts. I like to reject the reality and substitute my own.”
  • “Well photography has always interested me as a substitution of classical art. I would be bored to death If I had to make an oil painting of highly detailed object and in the end it still would be wrong. So I use photography. It’s simple – for me it is evidence that I have seen it with my own eyes.”
  • “At the beginning I thought that all my images were art, but then very soon I realized that it is not. And I live with that. It is definitely creative, but it is not art when compared with painting and all those old forms of art.”
  • I like both color and black and white photography, and I still don’t know why. Color for me works as description, but black and white seem to be more responsible for form. These photographs are made using cyanotype process.”
  • “I like to photograph different subjects: architecture, landscape, social and environmental portraits, self-portraits. I don’t stick with one subject.
  • “I like to work with alternative photography that was well known already in the 19th century, ant that is simple and easy to handle. I was quite disappointed by digital photography some years ago, so I started analog photography.”
  • He will never photograph Weddings.
  • He gets inspired by street life, “the ability that I can do what I consider being good.”

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