Regina-Maria Tumova @ FILTERED

January 27, 2010


Photo by Dmitry Bulkin

  • Regina-Maria Tumova/ illum
  • Photography / Illustration / Design / Make-up / interior design
  • Born in Riga. Loves qualitative beauty, life, peace, harmony and sensitivity. Adores sea. Can not stand milk in any condition.
  • She can not remember her first shot.
  • She loves color. Preferably natural. But sometimes there are moments when you have to replace it.
  • She prefers digital photography.
  • She thinks there is no such thing as a perfect model. And she does not think she will ever meet such. Her task is to understand a person and shoot one, or give one the idea what Maria needs from them.
  • She will never visualise real pain, death, suffering, “trash”.
  • She is not a photographer. Her profession is interior design. Photography, illustration, make-up – is another side of her life.
  • All her works are united by her wish to show human’s , life’s and her’s  versatility.
  • She gets inspired by beauty. Beautiful people,beautiful things,photographs of other photographer’s,life around her. Music and movies.

You can find her at:

Blogspot / noosfera



One Response to “Regina-Maria Tumova @ FILTERED”

  1. Thanks. Decent blog. I really like the theme. easy on the eyes and good for reading.

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