Mārtiņš @ FILTERED

January 27, 2010

  • Mārtiņš/martini
  • Live digital painting
  • Born in Riga in February of 1986. Studied traditional painting, drawing, sculpting also 3d modelling, illustration, video arts and web-design at Janis Rozentals Riga Art School. Right now studying visual communication in Academy of Arts of Latvia. Always wanted to become a game developer.
  • Started only in 2007, when I tried to draw digitally(notebook+Wacom tablet) live models and surroundings as I have done it past decade in school, though with paper and pencil or oil and canvas. Paintings are mostly done in 30 minutes to 2 hours (usually till notebook`s battery depletes), so they have sketchy and fresh feel.
  • Perfect model.. unaware of the photographer or artist who is taking photo/drawing him so he/she is as natural as possible – that`s why no one is looking straight at me in my works, models are caught in the middle of work, conversation or just taking a rest.
  • “Am I different? Yeah as we all are..”
  • Inspired by surroundings, other artists, movies, games.

You can find him at:

FLICKR / portfolio



One Response to “Mārtiņš @ FILTERED”

  1. Haali said

    Great paintings! :)

    What is the software that you use?

    I am asking because I am going to try some digital painting myself and would like to know more about how others do it. Especially if the results are as good as we can see here. ;)

    I guess it is not ArtRage? What is it?

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