Roman Sidoroff @ FILTERED

January 26, 2010


  • Roman Sidoroff
  • graphic design/ web designer/ travel photography
  • Brief Biography:  In 1997 I became the creator of the first company in Latvia, specialising in web site development — WebDizainaCentrs, having for two years previously tested the forces in 3D modeling with the advertising agency. From 1999 with a partner I opened RS studio, which still exists to this day and specialises in web hosting under the brand Elinks hosting. Since 2003 I have had an association with TrueVision, a company which I also partially own. Most of my time and energy has been taken with its development. Since 2007, as a hobby, I developed a portal Ind-Ex.LV, about the life of my favorite city, periodically organising offline parties with colleagues. In years 2006 – 2009 participated in development of project. Left project in the end of the year 2009.
  • “Design – it all started in 1996, when a first computer emerged at my house, 486. Of course first thing to do was serf the games. Packs of floppy disks, archives. But then one day a friend of mine came to me and showed me a small 3D animation of a beating heart. In that very moment i got my head blown off and decided i want to be doing computer graphics.”
  • “That’s actually how the connection : Me and Computer was established. It all started from 3d modeling and animation on those old computers.”
  • “Unfortunately, the deeper i went into discovering 3D the better i realised that i do not have enough technical resources to realise my ideas. And money was a problem at that time so eventually I ended up dealing with 2D and web design.”
  • “With time, understanding the essence of the discipline i realised that design – is not just an image, being drawn by someone. Design – is a lifestyle. Design – is problem solving. And graphics is a tool to cope with tasks set by client or myself. To be successful in this you should every time get into the essence of the project, business, area. To get the idea how it works.”
  • “Undoubtedly design helps very much throughout the life. For this concept slightly flowed into every household area of our life. I like cooking – it is also kind of design. There is mass of possibilities for examining object, experiments and problem solving.”
  • “What i don’t like about my job is that i have a lot more ideas in my mind than physical possibilities.  Sometimes it is even hard to stop. And you have to do that sometimes. Life offline is wonderful ;>. You should not forget to breathe and experience the joy of watching a sunset. Simple things.”
  • “There is this thing in design that your work may never be seen. You invest your time, ideas, yourself in a project and than due to some consequences your work is to be placed in a drawer and never be seen. You can spend months working over a project. And then find out that it will never see the light. But with experience you start to feel more confident and easy-going about everything. Yes-yes; No- no.”
  • “I do not have specialised education in the area of design. I could do that abroad but it’s worthy and sometimes dangerous. The thing is they set limits. And people who get education there are doing same stuff all their life not asking themselves WHY? WHAT FOR?”
  • One of his favorite projects is screen-savers for double coffee website. Idea was Roman’s and realisation in collaboration with PAL. Within work in of course. And from the latest: his personal website Another extraordinary project – outdoor advertising for Aiziet fest. The idea to turn people up side down and put them underground with leaving legs on the surface belongs to Dmitry Bulkin. And i had to do the realisation of all this craziness ;>.
  • He says that every problem can be solved in an interesting way.

You can find him at: / / behance /



2 Responses to “Roman Sidoroff @ FILTERED”

  1. Kitapyurdu said

    Sitenizi �ans eseri buldum ve olduk�a be�endi�imi s�ylemeliyim. Ba�ar�lar.
    (FILTERED edit: translation is approx. as follows : i am happy i found tis site and these works. Great. Thank you.)

  2. Kitap said

    Websitenizi internette arama yaparken rastladim. Gercekten cok iyi bir is cikarmissiniz. Bundan sonrada sik sik blogunuzu takip etmeye calisacagim.
    (FILTERED edit (approx. translation) ” i was looking in internet for “something” and found your site. great works. i think i’ll be visiting your website quite often”

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