January 20, 2010

  • Ainārs, Ragazm
  • In search of his style and genre / Graphic art
  • “I am 21 years old. Living in little city in Rezekne, where you can count on fingers all people who are somehow interested in art. Although I am so young, I have already tried so many things in my life, starting with music (when I was 14 i founded a punk-rock band that existed 5 years), than also art and photography. I can’t live without any way of expressing myself. And i prefer art as the most developed tool of such. Also I am a bit more radical then any other artist, for punk-rock culture is 1/3 of my life now and it left an unforgettable mark in my mind. I have learned to look at everything in a bit different way.”
  • “I am a person with an associative way of thinking. I can get inspired from rocks, leaves, paper sheets, concrete, but the best way to get inspiration undoubtedly is music in which you can feel the atmosphere.”

You can find him at:



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