Sintija @ FILTERED

January 19, 2010

  • Sintija
  • Photography / Digital painting
  • “I live in Jelgava, I do nothing “out-of-the-ordinary”. I am 16 years old. I spend free time drawing, photographing, reading and playing computer. Just like everyone i guess. I really like bad weather, fall and winter.”
  • “I started photographing because everyone did it, it looked simple and beautiful so i decided i should try. I had ideas and i needed to fulfill them.”
  • “My perfect model is a person who knows exactly how to pose herself. One, who does not need to be told how to stand and what to do. One, whom i can say “You are happy”; “You are sad”; “You are broken” – and she will understand and do what i ask.”
  • “I will never be able to visualise street. I just can’t.”
  • She partly gets inspired by movies and books but mostly she gets inspiration from Deviantart website.
  • From FILTERED team : and hey, she obviously has some passion for Beatles ;>

You can find her at:



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