Dace Lucia Kalpiša @ FILTERED

January 12, 2010

Lasīt latviešu valodā ;>

  • Dace Lucia Kalpiša
  • Painting
  • She is 22 years old, LMA student. Has enough wisdom to understand herself, use all the time she is given and never stop in achieving her objectives.  She was in Riga with her mom when for the first time realised the great craving for having brush and a palette in her hands.  Later she kept on looking on everything with widely opened eyes, seeing muses everywhere.  She has been living in Sicily for a year, studying in Palermo art academy. Getting to know the Circe island once again reminded her of the feeling when she longs for holding brush and palette.”
  • Things that she dislike do nothing but remind her that those are only odd things like forgotten cactus on which you are being gallantly seated. In such situations what you have to do is water the prickly plant and it will bloom nicely in that very moment.  She likes speed, lightness and tango.
  • She chose painting for she decided at the last minute not to become a neurosurgeon.
  • She has made her first painting on July 27 of 1994 at 16;35. It was raining outside and theres was no chance to go out and play.
  • Her ideal model is inspiration
  • She will never stop finding out new things that differ her from all the other painters.
  • She will never draw – “bad art”.
  • She gets inspired by love and hate. Good and bad.

You can find her at:

Deviantart / Seventh Crow gallery

She is also having personal exhibition this month


One Response to “Dace Lucia Kalpiša @ FILTERED”

  1. max said

    очень красивые рисунки ^__^

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