January 8, 2010

  • Līvija / Vivija
  • Photography
  • Born in Ventspils. She likes changes but she is not afraid of routine. She likes practical stuff like reading, drawing, painting, sleeping. Most things simply depend on her mood – sometimes she even likes to do the dishes. She dislikes people who act and the art that is over-acted. She dislikes those who dislike her. She isn’t lazy, she just needs a lot of tiime to get started with something. Nothing is simple to her.
  • “Photography is a moment to stop and memorize. Photography is interesting, because at the same time everyone and not all of people can be photographing.  It is one of the ways to express yourself. And you have to sow something.”
  • Her first photograph. She doesn’t remember when exactly it was done but it must have been the time of childhood when you have the craving to touch and try everything. It is also possible that her first photograph was never developed for after pushing the button for the first time she also might have opened the case and lighted the fim.
  • There is no such thing as perfect model. If a person is open-minded and natural there is nothing more you can want from him.
  • She will never take pictures of insects. She is afraid of them.

You can find her at



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