Eriks Naivo @ FILTERED

December 27, 2009

  • Eriks Naivo
  • Photography / Pictures
  • “I was born on june 22th. Ancient Mayas thought this day is a very special and a saint one. At this date day was fighting with night, black was fighting with  white.  I am an introvert. I love evenings, especially in summer when there are sunsets I can be sitting for hours gazing from the rooftops. I love reading books at night, writing poems. Not so long ago i learned how to bake a cake. I am not arrogant, amorous open to new people and care for them. I fear loneliness more than oldness.”
  • His first photograph – a picture of his mom. He was studying in 4th grade.
  • “I get a great excitement from the process of photographing. I love colors. i am more interested in working with film. Everything seems to be more natural.”
  • “I think a perfect model is a person who is relaxed in their behaviour, and has the virtuosity and his unique style.
  • Naivety – is something that unites all of his works.
  • He gets inspired by music, movies, intimates, seasons, pear jam.

You can find him at:



One Response to “Eriks Naivo @ FILTERED”

  1. Jarvis said

    great !very beautiful O____O

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