Maxim Kool @ FILTERED

December 26, 2009

  • Maxim Kool / Chiko / Chikanutoja noga
  • Film photography
  • “Usually I can’t tell a lot about myself. I was born in the end of 1990 in November. I had a pretty nice childhood full of different trips and journeys. Furthermore, I enjoy to dance, especially break dance, this is my passion)) Usually I dance together with my friends. Also all my family is interested in water tourism, we swim in different rivers on self made or bought boats. I like to travel in different countries to discover new places that I have never seen and meet new people.”
  • “When I was 13 or 14 me and my friend were playing with digital camera, shooting everything, everywhere. Then, we forgot about it for some time. Two years ago when my grandma gave me the heavy Zenit-11 as a present, I made my first shots and some of them were really nice considering that it was my first time. I was surprised by the colors and quality of the pictures, they gave me the reason to continue to take pictures.”
  • “For a long time I used only color film, but 3 or 4 months ago I tried black and white film for the first time. The result was very interesting and inspiring. I think that in future I will use both of them color and black and white.”
  • “My ideal object and model is nature and people that surround me.”
  • “I’m different and at the same time I’m like others.”
  • He will never visualise death.
  • “Usually I’m inspired with other photographers and with new places where I travel, last but not least is the nature! Sometimes with my own pictures :)”

You can find him at:



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