Dmitry Bulkin @ FILTERED

December 26, 2009


  • Dmitry Bulkin
  • Creative photography
  • “I am of a calm and not noticeable nature. It is very easy to forget about my existence. I love people who are always in search of something and never say they know everything about something, no matter what heights they have achieved. I do not like it when people are imposing a conversation. I personally never propose to talk until i make sure person wants this conversation on this topic. I do not like physical violence and its demonstration in any form, especially in the art. Born in Riga, and this fact makes me happy.”
  • “A conscious picture for me is a photograph in which every detail and purpose of such is understood. It is difficult to capture the moment when you fully reconstruct yourself from reflex to act, therefore it is difficult to call any photograph as a first conscious or last perceived. “
  • “I started taking photographs because there was and still remains will to express myself. As I am visual and realist photography is optimal for me. This is just the most appropriate language of expression. I mostly do black and white photography for I do not have the cleverness to speak through color. I prefer the language of forms and objects. Though I respect color photography as well. Since inability of writing does not always result with inability of reading.  There are many photographers who express themselves stunningly with color. It is a skill to be treasured.”
  • “Majority of my works are medium-format film photos, but I do not deny digital photography. It is just that with film it is easier for me to achieve desired results.  There are stories and subjects that can only be captured in film, but there are also those which look better when captured in digital.”
  • “The task of every model or object in frame is to carry some specific information. It all depends on it. Model may be perfect for one photograph but be absolutely worthless in other. The difference between model and an object is that is has more information laid into her and this means she can be tuned in more ways. The perfect model  – one that can be tuned  easier then others, be the needed word in authors tale. Not always it is the task of model to tune herself, usually it is the ability or lack of such of a director to select and customize model as a tool. And the more the model can rely on the conductor, the better is the result.”
  • “I will never visualise something I do not like. Something I do not approve of, do not understand or see no sense in it. For photograph – is something author says to his companion – viewer. If I don’t want to talk about something why should I ever want to make a photograph about it?”
  • He feels different from others as well as difference between every creative and talented person.
  • “All my works are created with an aim to tell viewer something. To share something, no matter what it is – a story, a thought, mood, feeling or question. If there is nothing to share through them  – there is no sense. Do you manage to say what you wanted or not – this is another question.”
  • He gets inspired by questions and searching answers for them.

You can find him at:

photosight/ / livejournal


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