Gennady K. @ FILTERED

December 17, 2009

  • Gennady Kasatkin
  • Photography
  • “I work in building, photography is a hobby, which I hope will evolve into my work in the future. I love to travel, attend old, deserted buildings, examine them from the inside, imagine their story. I don’t like when someone’s interrupting. I was born in Riga, I’ve lived all my life in Olaine.”
  • ” I Don’t know when i did my first shot, it happened a long time ago, when I used to take shots on old film-cameras. A more professional experience was, probably, at a train station, when I was experimenting with exposure, used a tripod to shoot a passing train and asked a friend to sit on the bench for the composition. After aiting for 15 seconds for the exposure I was very excited about the shot, it was something very new for me, and I immediately ran to the highway tto continue experimenting, and was as excited as for the first time.”
  • “At the company, we had a very old camera of a friend of mine, and he used to take it to different occasions for a review, but no one really was into taking photos, except for me. I liked to look for something unusual, different actions, moments. Of course I tried to capture them. All in all I ended up taking pics for a long time and decided to get myself a camera.”
  • “Speaking of b/w or colour, I don’t like to separate them. Take photos in colour, but sometimes it just begs to be b/w. That’s why I never take pics in b/w intentionally, decide on the situation what’s best.”
  • “I suppose I’m not a professional, so I’ll continue taking pics in digital, I make too much mistakes for spoiling film. I suppose I’m not ready yet. But film is much better than digital because you don’t get as much shots, and before you shoot, you get to closely examine the object, find a position to shoot it from, set the light and crop it accordingly. You don’t shoot just to shoot.”
  • “I think a model should be a good actor, so she fits into any situation, play his or her role so that by looking at a picture people would see a small scene, a composition.”
  • “I will never take pictures of funerals and anything related to them.”
  • “Everyone’s got his own style, I didn’t chose mine yet, so I can’t say what I like shooting the most. I recon photography being like music, it can’t be liked by everyone at a time. So some like my works, some don’t.”
  • He gets inspired by weather, music.

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