Santa Dimante / Zip @ FILTERED

December 16, 2009

  • Santa Dimante / Zip Fon Moloko
  • Photography / fashion photography
  • “I don’t like speaking about myself. I love to show myself through my work, my stile, my image.”
  • “However, my story is simple – a long time ago my dad bought a camera Zenit ET, with which he loved to picture me and mom, and the sea. I remember when, being a child, I was irritated by similar photos in albums and I used to ask my parents why do they take them. Later, at school, I began to take photos on my phone – back then, I had nothing but a 2 mp built in camera. I suppose I won’t recall my first responsible shot: it happen so instantly, from a cool pic to an effort of self-expression. I felt photography absorbed me, I developed a better technique.”
  • “For me, photography is a climb to the top of Kilimanjaro. Why not Everest? Because I like to be different. Why say “a climb”? Because I don’t like easy targets. Why to the top? Because I think that the things I’m doing now are just a foundation of my potential. I’m only at the foot of Kilimanjaro, my friends, and it gives me goosebumps.”
  • “Actually, I don’t count myself to be a photographer, and I don’t want to become one. Photo, graphic, style, image – notions, that interlace so tightly in everything that interests me.”
  • “Now I can surely say, that if I would call myself a photographer, then it would be a portraitist and a black-and-whiter. I’ve been told in college that there are people, who draw with colours, and there are people, who play with light and shade. I relate to the second type. Colour is important in a shot if it has a meaning or gives us the atmosphere.”
  • “I put film-made photos above the digital ones. It has a lot of reasons, but I like to give an example: Chopin’s waltz – classical or electrical piano?”
  • “Ideal models don’t exist. The ideal is not perfect. But you can find very interesting crow’s noses and very sexy crooked teeth.”
  • She will never visualise perfect people, boring faces and bad taste.
  • “Of course everyone’s photos are different like handwriting is different. If it’s not, it makes you ask if everything is ok with this guy.”
  • “I had an experience working for an order, taking glamorous photos of young girls. I also took pics on a lomo-cam from outside a train window. And all these are pixeled melodies. Or grains of silver.”
  • “Music inspires me. Brit rock, rock’n’roll, the sixties, the seventies… something classical eventually. Images – people, who’s life, like books, an I want to became an illustrator. I’m inspired by feelings. I’m inspired by everything that makes my heart beat faster.”

You can find her at:

Deviantart / Diary


2 Responses to “Santa Dimante / Zip @ FILTERED”

  1. Jarvis said

    i really believe in her potential,she’s the most talanted&creative person i’ve ever met.i love u,Zipulja ))

  2. Lois Primm said

    This is the nice site! I adore a few of the articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to come back!

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