Klara Zagorjanska

December 14, 2009

  • Klara Zagorjanska
  • Photography / interior architecture
  • i was born in 1991 at the begging of summer and my sign is gemini,that explains everything about me. two different worlds carrying a sun and a smell of sea breeze . i try to look at world in different way, always exploring something new and never forgetting everything past. always searching and never afraid to loose.
    once i’ve read a book of H. Murakami ‘dance dance dance’ and from that moment my life can be described as a passionate dance. i try to dance through a life as good as i can , so everybody could feel the amount of energy and imagination that i carry. it was 7th grade when I started seeing my interest in art but only in past three years i understood that i want to dedicate myself in art fully. so i went to England to study interior architecture and improve my skills in photography ,drawing, acting , music and dance.
  • i choose to be a photographer simply to capture a moment. with my camera i feel secure. i see something unforgettable everyday and  i always want somebody to feel the same, to see the same and camera helps me with this mission. I just can’t resist the sound of descent of a shutter.In every building from the start lies an idea and a great research as well as connection with nature and human – that’s why i study architecture.
  • i was 15 years old when I started going to LMA courses and my sister gave me her film camera. from that moment it is always in my bag next to watercolors and a chocolate bar. but the first ‘serious’ photos i took where while being ill one winter week, i felt really sick and tried to find something that would bring me back to life. until now photography sometimes brings me back to life.
  • definitely both color and bw. you can’t even compare them, the way you express your photography through color or throw bw is uncompetitive.
  • there is no perfect in my world, if there is a human, or a place, or a thing i should have met or seen and took a picture of that, then it just had to happen. i like people who have a conversation between me and the camera.
  • it is not a secret that we all are different, but some times i do believe there is something inside me that can be described as different.
  • .i will never visualize something that shouldn’t be seen for anybody else.
  • things that inspire her : “you know, those simple things, a favorite track in your head, a smile of a friend, a laugh of a family member, a light of sun and a sound of sea waves.”

You can find her at:



One Response to “Klara Zagorjanska”

  1. richard said

    good work you hussy!

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