Marina Stelte @ FILTERED

December 12, 2009

  • Marina Stelte, MariStel
  • Photography
  • I was born in Riga (Latvia), where I still remain. I’m a moody person. Can be easily annoyed, and can recover quickly. Sociable. Love traveling. Adore meeting new people, discovering new places. The things I dislike… hmm… I guess I don’t like a lot self-conceit. Lies, betrayal and envy.
  • Sunset on the beach. It’s one of my favorite daytime’s. I’ve went to art class before. Participating in a contest, I’ve won a film camera. The one I used later to make my first “masterpiece”. Back then, I really considered it to be one.
  • I inherited it from my granddad. He was a photographer, so a part of his talent had awaken in me. Since childhood I’ve been tempted by this black boxy with buttons. I love to stop time.
  • Speaking about nature, I prefer colours, in taking portraits my choice is black and white.

You can find her at:

blogspot / deviantart / flickr / behance


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