Marianna Miltovicha @ FILTERED

November 20, 2009

  • Marianna Miltovicha
  • photography / graphic design
  • “I was born in 1984 on February the 25 in Riga. Since very young age participated in all possible art study groups and schools. That’s what I liked the most, but never thought it’ll became my destiny or profession, thought it’s just a hobby. At the age of 15 I was asked to do some modeling, first in Latvia and then in Milan and Paris. Being in such controversial age I was really fascinated with all creative processes in fashion industry, with new places and people. That’s where I first realized, that creating an art can become your profession. Also I realized, that I don’t want to be a part or a material(model) of this process, I want to invent myself. I graduated Latvian Academy of Art, visual communication department. Before that I studied web and graphic design, which helped me to work in advertising. Till now I’m doing some work on creating companies styles, logos, and some publishing ads. But my real passion is fashion photography.Trying to acquire new techniques and increase quality of my works, changing equipment and looking for new faces, thinking creative I am living my dream.”
  • “I am very emotional and very reserved and introvert person at the same time, so doing photography is almost the only way I can express my emotions. Being a photographer is like being a psychologist, or just like a person who’s looking for some answers in your life. You unravel characters, read a book of life.”
  • “Studying my first year in Academy, I had a photography lessons with a professor in his sixties, who thought of ZENIt camera as the king of cameras and was often scoffed by a new generation. But he passionately talked about very essence of photography about it’s soul.

    He was the one, who gave me that “click”, wich I was probably waiting for. He was very encouraging and send his students to make a peace of art. Because your work will never be a peace of art before someone(at least one person) will think of it as a one.”

  • “The more black&white and colored photography will compete, the more beautiful works will appear! There never will be strict YES or NO for one of the techniques, they both are unique and each reflects reality. But I have to confess, that I truly looove shooting b&w with analog camera. Shooting b&w was the first my serious experience in photography, and those works are still my favorite peace of art!”
  • “People, people and one more time people are my perfect models, the more faces and characters, more stories to show. Of course people should want to be there in front of you, they should want to be discovered, like actors, they have to have smth to show.Through photographers eyes the whole world could be looking at you! And camera can see much further of persons appearance.”
  • “All the people are different and common at the same time! I am not an exception, which makes me a confirmation of this rule. All our lives we are looking for that differences and aliknesses between us. What makes us unique? The way we are looking!”
  • “Like people say: “Never say Never!”, I am holding to that idiom, because for each of your “never”, life keeps some test for you. If we are talking about preferences, then I prefer to shoot invented stories, than to run along shooting public realities.”
  • “Inspiration comes when you don’t wait for that, especially at nights, when darkness and calmness surrounds you, nothing disturbs and you can get deep into your thoughts, divide your feelings. Yes, night always inspires me! And of course traveling, one of my biggest passions and a source of inspire.”

You can find her at:

Flickr / Deviantart






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