Papajka @ FILTERED

November 16, 2009

  • Olga Tyukova / papajka
  • photo /  illustration
  • Open-minded, visual-oriented, sensitive young woman from Riga. Olya likes life, freedom and art and dislikes illiberality and lack of humor.
  • Olga says: “My first conceived photo session was when I was 12. Me and my friend, we dressed like Spice Girls and shot our jumps from sofa, these photos were full of joy, motion and youth.”
  • Olga started shooting when she realized that she often thinks in pictures. Most of her works are colorful, but she enjoys bw photography as well.
  • “Digital photography is very cozy and convenient in post-processing, but nothing can compair to the specific atmosphere of the films, which I now explore with great pleasure.”
  • “My perfect model is easily to involve in, she isn’t afraid to look ridiculous”.
  • Olga can’t imagine an object that isn’t worth shooting.
  • “I am still working on my unique style, and there are a lot of things to think about. One thing is fore sure –  main subject of my works are mostly people and different characters-doodles”
  • Olga is inspired by everything she sees, hears, reads or thinks.

You can find her at:

Flickr /


One Response to “Papajka @ FILTERED”

  1. Zip said

    последние 2 фото просто взрывающие

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