Olga Mihailova @ FILTERED

November 9, 2009

  • Olga Mihailova / moloko / ollia -m
  • Photography
  • “I share birthday with Velasquez and Pushkin, so a lot people predicted that I will be somehow connected with art. I tried playing guitar and flute, attended acting class and tried to draw. But I can’t say I succeeded at it, now I draw some small illustrations, but I share them only with friends. All “photography thing” started about 3 or 4 years ago. I worked in office to earn money for a DSLR camera. I owned Zenit 3M. We had some fun time together, but decided that it will be better for him to find new owner. I like lomography. I shot films with lomo fisheye and smena 8m. Now I have Holga and 3 undeveloped films. I enjoy taking pictures with camera phone, for me it’s a digital variation of lomography.”
  • “I like photography because it is easiest way to capture moments of life, but still I capture more with my eyes, than camera, because sometimes you may ruin the moment while turning your camera on. Life is too fast.”
  • “I can’t say I already did my serious piece of art. It’s still in future or doesn’t exists at all.”
  • “I like both color and b/w. Depending on what you want to show, but mostly I like pastel analog photos.”
  • “As I’m not good at knowing what I actually want, my best model is my best friend, who actually might be called my second half. We share a lot of ideas, she is beautiful and feels what I have in mind, but can’t explain.”
  • “In my opinion we all are different. Only thing I can say – there are two different people inside of me always fighting, and my mood and current interests depend on who of them won this time.”
  • “I will never capture fully naked body. Not because I’m shy, I just don’t consider it beautiful.”

You can find her at:



2 Responses to “Olga Mihailova @ FILTERED”

  1. Bailee said

    these pictures are amazing :]

  2. max said

    йеей олька из фэймос нау!))

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