Artis Taurins @ FILTERED

November 8, 2009

  • Artis Taurins
  • Graphic design / Photography
  • “I’m 34cm wide-by-waist guy who likes potato pancakes, climbing trees, sleeping and is interested mainly in graphic design, but cherishing photography as well.”
  • Photography is a good way for self-exploration thanks to the possibility for stilling a quickly passing moment and then reflecting on it. Regarding this possibility, photography can also become a key the story which unveils and becomes alive in your imagination.”
  • “Graphic design is not very different from photography in terms of purpose to me, also it’s the same good old childhood playground with tools which have transformed into more sophisticated ones, but the idea of messing around with shapes, colours and materials finding the perfect-combo is the same. Only now you can also get payed for”
  • About his first serious piece of art : “Hopefully still to come, but there are naturally some works I hold dear and important to myself.”
  • “I like both colour palettes, though b/w is more preferable.”
  • “Everyday situations, quite suburban places, people and nature – perfect models and subjects.”
  • He does not think he is different.
  • He will never visualize kangaroo having a wank.

You can find him at:

Cargo collectiveBehance / Flickr


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