Jevgenija Bitter @ FILTERED

October 24, 2009

  • Jevgenija Bitter
  • Photography / Art-Photo-Trash
  • “I like to think of myslef like of an rising artist, but i never call myself a professional photographer. I have a passionate love affair with life, and I fully enjoy everything that life have to offer me. I am art active for about two years, and in this period all i am doing is trying to be better in creating my own reality.”
  • “Photography is my favorite toy on time freezing since i remember myself. I started to play with images in more adult games when i found in them huge gaming platform for my imagination. I started generating my own world. Images of bygone days, old dark fairytale and dreams, clowns, noir divas, lunatics.”
  • “I adore to portray the inner life of people to show them and to show others different sides of themselves. I see so many colors and shades that any Japanese would go mad and crazy… But anyway I prefer a black-and-white photography. A lot of my works taking inspiration from the 1960-1980’s black and white European cinema, films by directors David Lynch, Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Passolinni and Almodovar.”
  • “I am infinitely in love with analogue photo. Matchless quality of analog pictures, depth and spirit what they bear in themselves, will never be compared to electronic quality of Digital cameras.”
  • “Human being in the biggest sense of the word. All kinds of ranges, appearances, colors, small or big, men or women. The main thing, open mind, open soul and big desire to start a game what i call “Photo Hunting”. We are – our photos. We simply flow in them gradually.”
  • “I accept something or don`t accept, according to the concept of the work. Sometimes I don’t agree with something because I don’t like it. I don’t want to provoke people with anger or with ugly things, i want to express my freedom of thought and speech. I have no intentions in doing harm to people.”
  • “I call myself – a self proclaimed genius. but true is – we all are. and i am just a tired from springs happy eccentric woman. My autumn is amazing, and I protect its light…”
  • “My works are manifestation of life incredible passion, of love and sorrow, of melancholy and happiness, of madness and calmness, of a deep human soul. There is always a story behind them but, I always leave it open to the audience so they can make their own interpretation.”
  • “I can get my inspiration from a ton of places and artists… David Lynch, Klimt, Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, Frida Kahlo, Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Hans Christian Andersen and The Grims Brothers, list can be endless… in other words i can tell – life is my inspiration. My thoughts and my visions sometimes go so mixed up, i am so absent-minded. Cinema and art influence my life a lot. Ideas come up and I often try to turn them into reality.”

You can find her at:

Deviantart / Daportfolio


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