Liene Rātniece @ FILTERED

October 21, 2009


  • Liene Ratniece / Stolentime
  • Photography
  • She was born in 1993 on august the 20 in Riga. Lives here all her life except rare moments in summer when leaving hometown to visit her grandparents in Saulkrasti. If someone would ask her if she would prefer living outside the city , in the countryside , she would say “No”. She got used to living in the city. She even loves the urban romance of noise from the  railway near her house, the cry of the gulls each at  sunset. “One can find melody in every noise”. Liene is quite musical. She can’t tell much about herself, for she is no different from others.. may be just a little. She says: “Of course each of us is a unique part of this world, which is like no other, yet we all have similar thoughts, and the survival instinct is inherited by all of us since birth. I am melancholic”.
  • She says : “I am quite self-contained. There was one moment when there was no one I could really trust, but keeping all your problems inside of yourself not talking them over with anyone was too hard to handle. At this time I don’t have to keep it all to myself for i found people whom i can trust. My favorite colors are grey and pastel-purple. I am mostr attracted by alternative music and those slow parts are the best. I can’t stand people who are too sefl-concerned and selfish, who are not able to come down from their hights and look at themselves from the side to see how stupid they really are. Hypocrites.
  • “People i respect more than others – are my friends. Not a contacts or acquaintances but real friends. Since true frinds are rare I am thankful for that i have such. It is like a second wind, like a second YOU, a person who understands you and is always ready to help. Things I admire are nature, art and music. Nature brings beauty, music – inspiration and inspiration brings art.  In turn art discloses a little about every person and shows the way this person looks at the world.”
  • “People were given a lifetime and a memory. Though many of us have a bad memory, including myself. Photography – is a great way of memorising and treasuring moments which you wish to never forget.  When looking at an old photograph something alway pops out and you start remembering things. Of course come photographs also bring suffering and pain. Memories, which one day where and eye candy and today they are something that will never happen again. It something we can’t change, which is why it is very important to remember all the good things”.
  • “Personally i chose photography, because it is my way of expressing myself in a creative and mentally developed way.  It is a tool to show off my world, my thoughts, a little bit of myself but just in an unordinary way. Some might never get the idea i have put in into the photograph. This is for all people are different. The one’s who think alike will see my thoughts. I do it for myself. I love remembering. I love expressing myself. I love photography.”
  • “I dont remember when i actually made my first flick. May be when i was a little kid, i took my dad’s camera. He was using Zenit that time, and I loved that camera. My interest for photography had grown whe I was in the age of 12-13 and I started my attempts to create something. Up to this day I am still trying and learning”.
  • “I apply black and white photography quite rarely. I don’t like depriving life of it’s colors. I guess dim colors are better than no colors at all. Or may be it is just that i can’t capture a picture that would look good in b/w.  It depends. I can’t think of a black and white picture of sunset. B/w takes all the depth away. B/w images are flat”.
  • “Perfect model – person who understands me and my wishes. Gets the idea and does what is required from him to make final image look the way i want it to look. This is why children adn animals are the tough one’s when photographing. Model must be natural, the best photographs are those, where the model isn’t posing. When the image is just a moment i was able to catch. Though there are not many of these. Model must know at least something about photography as an art. I wouldn’t want to work in a photo studio. It seems to be boring. Model has to have a character which she could show with no words, just through modelling, through the picture i take. So to say, speaking with the eyes only”.
  • “Each photographer differs from any other only with one thing – his style. If there is no such, than you are not a photographer who photographs for oneself, but only for others. It is like living without soul”.
  • “I always get inspired by music, wonder if I could live without it at all. Melodies, lyrics and also something of own composition. I am thankful to Muse, my favorite music band, for they have always inspired me. Not in vain their band’s name is “Muse”.

You can find her at:

Deviantart / Jpgmag / Myspace


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