Elvi Soulsystems @ FILTERED

October 16, 2009

  • Elviss or Elvi Soulsystems
  • graphic design / motion design / photography / writing / music producing / disc jocking / creative direction
  • “i’m the owner of a social and catering space called the META-KAFE (http://metakafe.lv is all in Latvian but you might find it useful to look us up on Facebook) – a cafe, an almost slow-food restaurant, a bar, a reading room and bookshop and a space for creative games of all disciplines located at the new so-called creative industries area of Riga – the Spīķeri; and i used to be a poet too – back in the day poetry was still a relevant medium (though i feel that maybe through the collisions of the world we live in the past couple of years the need for poetic expression could make a come-back)”
  • “i cannot imagine life without creativity and my parents pushed me into art school at an early age (which i didn’t graduate) and i found out very early that music is an essential part of my being and because i found that when you combine various elements of the creative discipline – be it music, still life, life in motion, storytelling, poetry – you can come up with things that make not only yourself but also others… tick! creative means makes you think and makes you develop yourself (your self) and makes you feel things beyond the material world and it also makes you connect to other people and God in a far more intense way than the you would if you’d go and just live on your for your own sakes… yes, i do think that creative means are only relevant when they’re put on a level of communication rather than just self-expression (self-indulgence)”.
  • “. i think the first seriousness came back in the day we created the free hip-hop collective called Ritmiņš Unltd.; we were very young and were destined to go our seperate ways but we did get to have a few shows that featuring many disciplines and took courage and lots of work – musically, wordsmith-wise and visually; my first serious experience of communicating my poetic writing was when participating in a Latvian Writers Community seminar and getting my work to be discussed with lots of big poetry people (i was frightened); my first real video jocking performace worth mentioning took place just this year – i was providing the visual language part for a concert of modern folk music by the project Lidojošais Paklājs (the Flying Carpet); as for disc jocking – i guess the whole thing started when i took up the proposal of playing weekly at the now closed club/restaurant called Casablanca in Old Riga – it was really long ago… i can’t remember!”
  • “i’m now more into a little tilt-shifting of the image and i’ve noticed that most of the stuff coming out of me recently is kind of low-saturated (sometimes to a degree of almost black and white); but if i’d take the topic on a philosophical level… i guess it’s all about the contrast! it could be that the pinnacle of this is the design of the Blue Note records – the photography was usually black and white but the graphic was bright and saturated!”
  • “could be that it’s the discussion – i like to observe the process of discussion and create a direction to it; the perfect subject is that of continuity… i sometimes like to leave out the conclusion just to admire the beauty of the process!”
  • ” i try to be different! as much as i try to stay subtle and do not create “l’art pour l’art” i do try to create something of originality and novelty to myself as for the rest of the world… originality is a part of creativity i think – it’s something to strive for at least!
  • “i’m not much into shock – i do appreciate work that provokes in the time of need and context at times but i think i wouldn’t like to be one creating it! not much into violence, shock and conscious ugliness”
  • “i get inspired by the sky, sound, music, vision, air, colour, texture, literature, people, my soon-to-be wife, my kin, artists, film, other places, other spaces, travelling… all the things!”

You can find him at:

Behance / Flickr / Vimeo / Facebook (Elvi) / Facebook (Elvi Rich Pich) / Facebook (Elvi the Tech sapiens) / Facebook (Seventh Floor) / Facebook (META-KAFE) / META-KAFE


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