Gundega Deģe @ FILTERED

October 6, 2009

  • Gundega Dege / Sundew
  • Photography / Digital art
  • She says : “Its very difficult to tell something about me- I am very different, I dont like to be the same – I like to surprise people around with my difference. I am very energetic and emotional.  I like to tell the truth.”
  • After finishing university ( I got BA in English language) , I  worked as a translator, and later as a public relations specialist and photojournalist in a local newspaper where  I discovered the world of photography. I  had been taking pictures during her schooling on a casual basis, but in 2004 i  got involved in photography seriously and  I  bought my first digital camera. Her first experience was taking photos of children. She self taught photography through books, photo magazines, and workshops.”
  • Definitely black and white photography more, because I like to see how color images change when you make them in bw- you start to feel rhythm, forms, contrasts. BW is more emotional.”
  • “My perfect model – open, free, exciting, emotive, good eye contact, willing to work with photographer. Not always with perfect body. I work more with ordinary people, than with Professional models, they are more natural.”
  • “Sure thing i am different. I hear it since my childhood. Everything stared in my childhood, I got very light skin color and natural very blond hair color, I looked different , and felt like a „white bird”among the rest. Nothing more has changed now when I am 37, I still feel the same l- standing aside and looking on what is happening in the World, trying to Express my emotions with my images….”
  • The world around and inside of me inspires me. Once I took photos about what I saw; now I take photos about what I feel… You shouldn’t be afraid to show people the world from the other side, and remember that it’s one thing to wish to take photos, but you must have the power and sense to take them! No matter what camera you have, the main thing is what you have in your mind and soul. Sometimes people say they are crying when they look at my images. I think I have put much of myself in them, as well as my daughter Linda who is the main model here.”


One Response to “Gundega Deģe @ FILTERED”

  1. o said

    первые две и последняя – ууухх!! класс

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