Maksim Kalanep @ FILTERED

October 5, 2009

  • Maksim Kalanep / also known as iHc
  • Photography / Video
  • He is getting up late, goes to sleep late at night, does not like to be late, loves order. Prefers classical Kellogs as his breakfast’s meal.
  • He says : “We are all different, words can’t even describe it”.
  • He has always been into video shooting and editing. Started photographing when enrolled university.
  • He says : “The shooting process in both video and photography is really specific and expensive. In both photography and video i prefer fish-eye lenses, which are really costly. They are used to get a qide view from below, due to shooting from above usually leads to not seeing the trick itself or position of legs which is really important in skateboard shooting. They are also used when shooting several tricks in a row, which is called “a track”. Additionally, sometimes storyboards are being shot for magazine’s or web review. In these cases, DSLR of initial level are not good, due to their FPS is usually only 3-5 shots a second. Miminum FPS for such shooting is 8. Furthermore, an additional lightning is required for photo shooting. Such as pulsed light, for “freezing” action. For usually existing light is not enough for needed shutter speed. So we usually use 2-3 external flashlights. So as you see it’s quite costly, though it does not mean that you cannot photograph skaters without all these tools. But as i may know,  many photographers, who don’t use them have no knowledge in skateboarding, which is essential, and capture the wrong moments.”
  • Maksim says : ” Of course this sport is quite traumatic for both sportsmen and the operator. When photographing it’s usually uncertainty in where is the deck going to fly if the trick fails. When filming it is : pedestrians, high speed, deck under my feet, that can find a dimple or a pebble on a road.  Majority of skaters are happy to be filmed or photographed, but usually only when doing  a trick. When it comes to portraits or so,  opinions vary. Some are okay with it, others just hide.”
  • He chooses soundtrack according to his mood, the speed of tricks and montage, and of course his own preferences.
  • He gets inspired by clean works of other talented artists and art scenes. He loves travelling, although doesn’t travel as much as he wishes. At this time, he moslty likes visiting Barcelona, but he would also love to visit other countries, out of the EU.

You can find him at: / flickr / vimeo

And i advice you to visit the LINK and watch the “3 & 1/2 minutes of happiness” – it’s a real masterpiece!


2 Responses to “Maksim Kalanep @ FILTERED”

  1. DIMEVI said

    O.o чертовски…

  2. TenisD said

    Jā, tas video tiešām ir to vērts :)

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