День Побега @ FILTERED

September 28, 2009

  • День Побега (interviewing Alexander Alexandrov)
  • soloist – Alexander Alexandrov; guitar – Felix Ronis;  drums – Slavik Brutan; saxophone – German Bezbabnyh
  • Alexander was born in Riga in 1988. When he was 2 he made his family sing in chorus and was the one to conduct them. Then he let music live it’s own life until he was 12. Then he got a guitar as a birthday gift. That is when he started playing. At the same time he began to compose. He played classic guitar for approx. 6 years. Then got an electric one. From the age of 16 he is into recording on computer. He has played and now sometimes plays in “Fort Spencer” band. Started performing with “День побега” in 2009, he was just curious to try something new.
  • He does not stick to any particular genre. Uses many as elements of the palette.   Так что generally speaking it’s an eclectic art song.
  • When we asked him if he is different, he said : “Some time ago i came across a picture. Lots of absolutely identical clowns and one of them has a bubble above his head with a thought saying “I am different”, such question can be answered with both “YES” and “NO”.
  • All his music is united by the author.

You can find their music at:



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