Andris Barbans @ FILTERED

September 23, 2009


  • Andris Barbans
  • Photography / Design
  • Born and grew in Riga. He has always enjoyed creative and interesting events, which later sometimes became an adventure. He likes music. A good book, comfy couch and coffee – formula of a perfect Monday evening. He does not like casualty and boring people.
  • He thinks that photography is the best life mirror you could ever find. For Andris, personally, photography is tool to express himself, for you are able to show your mood, emotions through photography or just create something beautiful.
  • His first photograph was made when he was a child. He saw beautiful sunset, took grandfather’s camera and took a picture. Though it came out different way than he expected.
  • He likes black and white photography more than color, but takes b/w pictures quite rarely. Andris thinks that b/w picture is ought to be powerful and it’s hard to catch a moment when it will look good enough to be captured in b/w. But he also likes to play with color photography, creating different mood and atmosphere.
  • His perfect model is his sister. She is the one Andris likes to photograph, and the one who likes how Andris does it.
  • Andris says : ” Every photographer has his own vision and outlook. I have my own. This is what differs me from others.”
  • He will never photograph funeral.
  • Things that get him inspired : family, music, friends.

You can find him at:

Deviantart / Daportfolio



2 Responses to “Andris Barbans @ FILTERED”

  1. DIMEVI said

    Вы используете какие-то фильтры для оптики?

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