Pavel Hotulev @ FILTERED

September 20, 2009


  • Pavel Hotulev / Fanfnir
  • Photography
  • He was born in Riga, Latvia where he continues to live up to nowadays. He hates hypocrisy, flattery, lies, and people who are stupid and arrogant at the same time. He dislikes crowds. He also dislikes fish, and heavy alcohol drinks.  He likes intelligent people with good character and their own outlook to life. He likes good vine, liqueur and pistachio ice cream.  About myself? I am a typical introvert. I am calm, which often irritates people around me.  I prefer communicating with someone I`ve known for a long time. I am not too communicative. I don’t talk much. But when i do say something it’s essential.
  • First pictures he did where photo of floods that happened near his house.
  • He started photographing because it seemed to be interesting. Later, he realized he is getting “addicted” to photography. He gives no preference neither to color nor black and white photography. He thinks it must be chose according to the situation and the idea.
  • His perfect model is a person, being able to get him interested in oneself not only due to pretty appearance but also because of having interesting personality.
  • He does not like to think of something in advance. Some time ago he thought he`d never photograph people. Now it is mostly what he does. So there is no such thing as “I will never photograph something” for Pavel.
  • He does not get inspired by anything specific. It’s just life itself that inspires him.

You can find him at:

Deviantart / / fotoblog


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