Kārlis Bergs @ FILTERED

September 9, 2009

  • Kārlis Bergs
  • Analog photography / film photography
  • He was born in Jurmala but his has lived all his life in Riga. He likes movies, music, books, sea, fields, places where there are almost no people. He does not like events with lots of people involved. Although he likes to photograph at such events, because a lot of different people come together.
  • He started photographing because his father bough himself a photo camera but never really used it, so Karlis started taking pictures. Then he moved from digital to film cameras. At first he was photographing with Zenit E and thought that nothing really good can come out of it.  Then one day he discovered Japanese photo equipment. And now he sticks to Pentax.
  • His first shot – approx. three years ago.
  • He prefers black and white photography. he does sometimes use colors but rarely.
  • His perfect models – casual people who are always somewhere around.
  • He does not know what makes him different from any other photographer. But he likes the time in which he`s living. He tryes to catch the short moment in his photograpsh. No matter if it is a man who has shut hi ears with his hands and is watching a helicopter flying above him, or if it is an old man looking at a shop window. The bottom line is that he is trying to see and capture all beautiful and interesting details he can find.
  • He will never photograph sunsets. He says it’s something you should observe with your eyes, not with you lens.
  • The thing that can get him inspired : light.

You can find him at :











One Response to “Kārlis Bergs @ FILTERED”

  1. Лучшая инфа которую я прочел за последние несколько дней. Очень актуально. Спасибо

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