Svetlana Durova @ FILTERED

September 7, 2009

  • Svetlana Durova
  • Photography
  • She is into professional photography for 3  years now. Not so long although she always felt she likes it. When she was studying in school she used to go to the photo lovers club and courses  for future directors on local television. She made her first shot accidentally.  It was in a cafe. The shadow of a chair and cocktail  glass were falling on to the wall in a very romantic way. It was a great story about someone’s loneliness that she captured.  She was often asked to be a model by different photographers, and she always took the chance with pleasure. She accepted both commercial and non-commercial projects. And one day she realized she has her own ideas to fulfill. She bought her first digital camera and went to her first in her whole life master class in Moscow. Class was held by a famous photographer V. Alekseev, with whom the perfect tandem of model and photographer was built. She says : “Since then i prefer live communication with people who are interesting for me. It “feeds” my creativity.”
  • She adores music, good movies, flowers, paintings and coffee.
  • She is good at taking genre photographs.  She tries to find unusual nature views for her photographs.  Most of her works are photographs with previously  thought-out concept. She makes a lot of self portraits. She loves picture-like photo retouching. Good photograph for Svetlana is a picture that has it’s own life, a shot that can tell a story of what happened before and after it was made. She gets inspired from vintage stuff, beautiful pieces of textile, works of genius photographers  and painters.
  • The perfect model – is a good actress, thin and plastic, always different, capable to show the idea and the atmosphere of the shot. The one, who can live in it. Sometimes a model may be the inspiration.
  • All her works are united by the desire to be perfect. Since she is a model herself, she knows very well, what it’s like, to be on the other side of the lens. This is how Svetlana is different from many other photographers.

You can find her at: /





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Glamour portrait

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