Victoria Gubarevich @ FILTERED

September 6, 2009

  • Victoria Gubarevich / Vi
  • Photography
  • She was born in 1992 in Riga where she live up to nowadays. Victoria is studying in 10th school. She is friendly and adventuress. She can’t sit still and do nothing. She loves changes.  Victoria hates greyness and commonness. She likes meeting new people, having fun and discovering new things.
  • First shot was made on Canon 5D, last year when she was walking with her friend. It was so unusual, she started experimenting and her friend agreed to be her model.
  • She started photographing because she gets very excited by the process of “freezing time”. Generally, she is very creative and photography is a good tool to show how creative and original you are. Her preferences in photography vary. It depends on mood of the picture. I listen to myself and choose between black and white and color photography.
  • She prefers digital photography to film cameras. She has no experience with films.
  • She admits that she is different from other photographers. She is only learning. Some of her friends are teaching her little tips and secrets. But it’s all to come.
  • Her perfect model must be without complexes. It is very important. She says: “it is very hard to work with people who are “clamped” when in front of the camera and are asking for guidance all the time. Relax!” And of course her model must be pretty or with an interesting idea.
  • She gets inspired from everything around her. You just have to look at it in the right way.

You can find her at:

Livejournal / Deviantart /









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  1. aftengdur said

    а ты беспокоилась))

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