Jana Jacuka @ FILTERED

September 4, 2009

  • Jana Jacuka  / Milkman
  • Photography
  • “I was born in Riga, 1995th on the last day of February. My father is photographer, so I started as a model first. Then my sister started taking pictures, so again – I was the model. After some time, when my sister got her first Canon, I got interested in taking pictures. It happened when I was 13. Now I’m 14 and still being a model, but trying myself as a photographer too. Music&photography, and all kind of art is my life. If someone had put me in a box, after some time I would become a robot, without imagination.”
  • “I chose photography probably because every picture has its own story, it’s like writing a book, but with pictures. It’s hard to explain, maybe its even impossible.”
  • “My first picture was taken by me when I was 6.  My father bought some old zenit camera on a sale. Yes, it was may first time.”
  • She loves color photography more than bw. Most loved tone – sepia.
  • Her perfect model  – Long haired redhead, with pail skin and skinny body.

You can find her at :








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