Natalija Pestune @ FILTERED

August 28, 2009

  • Natalija Pestune
  • Photography
  • She says: “It is hard to tell what is unusual about my art.  I photograph things i see or things i want to see. May be my own outlook to everything is the most unusual thing about my art. I think that film photography is now leaving the mass. Not many people nowadays (if we compare with digital cameras) are photographing on  film,developing it and printing. I am talking about this long but breathtaking process.”
  • She is a freelancer.
  • She is learning Chinese language. At the moment she does not work anywhere. This period of her life is devoted to art and creativity: photography and needlework.
  • She never limits herself, she does not follow any rules or techniques – her art is her freedom. This makes it hard to tell what what unites all her works. May be it is love in all its meanings.
  • She likes film cameras because they fill every photo with life and soul. She does not use digital cameras.
  • She shoots in both color and black and white. The last one takes more time and requires particular mood.

You can find her at:

Livejournal / /








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