Ksenija Kolesnikova @ FILTERED

August 27, 2009


  • Ksenija Kolesnikova
  • Photography
  • She says :”I was born in Riga. My grandfather was a photographer so I grew up in a family with creative atmosphere.  I started taking pictures when I was 8 . My first camera was Zenit E. Photography and music is my everything. If I would stop taking pictures and listening to my favorite songs I swear,  I would turn into someone else.”
  • We asked her why did she choose photography. She says: “Interesting question. Truly, I don’t know. That’s something that’s always with me, no matter what. Perhaps that’s the only thing I am really good at. I always thought no one else could do it better than me, that’s why I keep taking pictures.”
  • Ksenija says : “When I was 5 i did my first shot. That was colored picture of winter nature, looked like it was black and white. I was so amazed I decided to capture it. So that is when my relationship with black and white pictures has begun.”
  • “I don’t take pictures in colors because there are a lot of colors in our common life. So most of us are tired of them. Remember those old black and white movies? They had soul. It’s the same with photography.”
  • “I’m sure I can photograph anyone and make them beautiful because I really CAN SEE the beauty inside of people.  At the moment my favorite model is Polina Jarvis because she got beautiful soul and big breasts at the same time. It’s very unusual.”
  • “I try to capture the moments of truth. I don’t like to lie and It’s always very obvious when other photographers try to make you feel yourself like a fool. It’s hard to say what’s that. That’s something you can feel when you see it through the camera. The truth is in the feelings, emotions  in people. I would never try to make my models look like someone they’re not.”
  • She will never photograph children and animals.
  • She gets inspired by everything that can make her get out of the bed in the morning. Everything that inspires her to be alive, to live and
    to dream.

You can find her at:













One Response to “Ksenija Kolesnikova @ FILTERED”

  1. jaunkundze said

    очень нравятся все эти фотографии.) видела их уже на one.lv,запомнились.

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