Dmitrij Petr-off @ FILTERED

August 27, 2009


  • Dmitrij Petr-off / АгАтА
  • Steampunk / Horror punk
  • He’s got phlegmatic character. Loves quietness. Was born in Riga.
  • His first drawing was Micky Mouse on a bicycle. Dmitrij was 8 years old. He was drawing from popular at that time pin.
  • He started drawing because it helps to relax. Prefers horror genre.
  • Dmitrij likes to combine digital and classical painting techniques.
  • His perfect drawing must be flattering and beautiful.
  • Element that unites all his works : “Disturbing peace of emptiness”

You can find him at:

ekmos art

Dmitrij Petr-off (grafika)

Dmitrij Petr-off (zivopisj)

Dmitrij Petr-off




Изображение 035

Изображение 036

Изображение 038

Изображение 039


2 Responses to “Dmitrij Petr-off @ FILTERED”

  1. i liked a lot all those works !!
    it is free and have a good pictoric quality .

  2. Thank You very much for comment!

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