Baltā nakts

August 27, 2009

balta naktss

Open : 12 and 13 september

Mūsdienu kultūras forums “Baltā nakts 2009” notiks naktī no 12. uz 13. septembri, turpinot iepriekšējo forumu tradīcijas un piedāvājot programmu, kas ietver vairāk nekā 19 teātra, mūzikas, filmas, kustības un vizuālās mākslas projektus.

“Baltās nakts 2009” pasākumi tiks organizēti ap 6. tramvaja līniju, kas būs gan foruma navigācijas ass, gan iespēja ērti pārvietoties. Plānotā programma iezīmē vienu no pilsētas centrālajām asīm, kas savieno vairākus aktīvus spontānas radošās izpausmes punktus – Spīķerus un VEF korpusus, K. Barona ielu un tās apkārtni. “Baltās nakts” teritorijā iekļauta arī galerija “Noass”, RIXC mediju centrs, “Rīgas mākslas telpa”, koncertzāle AVE SOL un Anglikāņu baznīca. “Baltās nakts” ietvaros norisināsies arī virkne paralēlo pasākumu citās kultūras institūcijās.

Šīs “Baltās nakts” vadmotīvs ir Latvijas multimediju patriarha Hardija Lediņa uzdotais jautājums: “Tagad acis atveriet, kur jūs esat, kā jums šķiet?” Tas plašu sabiedrības daļu vilina ļauties “Baltās nakts” notikumiem, lai meklētu atbildi. “Baltā nakts” vedina cilvēkus 365 gada dienām pievienot vienu nakti, kurā nedrīkst gulēt, jāatver acis un jāgūst jauna pieredze.


  • BolaBellamátic

VENUE: Blaumaņa iela 32, Maskavas iela 12/1(Spīķeri), Stabu iela 14, Ūnijas iela 4 (VEF) TIME: 19:00-1:00

BolaBellamátic is a project developed by La Más Bella, an artistic collective of two people from Madrid (Spain). La Más Bella is going to install four BolaBellamátic   machines in Riga in four different public spaces for the White Night, and invite some artists, both Spanish and Latvian, to make pieces of art to be sold into a plastic ball at a very cheap price: 1 lat. Official website

  • Tune the city TO NIGHT FREQUENCY!
VENUE: 6.tramvaja maršruts, Ropažu iela – Stacijas laukums TIME: 20:00-3:00
Two mucial trams. More information : link
  • Power-independent poetry
VENUE: Stabu iela 14 TIME: 20:00–02:00

Text-group “Orbīta”, following their established route of multimedial search, have come up with a simple installation. Several exotic-looking self-made “fitness bikes” (the design of which has had to do with “The Riders of the Apocalypse”) are equipped with small slide projectors instead of lamps and with dynamo power generators. Each projector shows a few lines and altogether they create a projection of a poem.

This project intends to involve the public in active participation, because only when “riding” all bikes simultaneously the whole piece of poetry can be read. Also the brightness of the image directly depends on the energy input of the spectator-reader. Official website

  • The whole world in one glance
VENUE: Dirty Deal Expo, Maskavas iela 12/2 TIME: 20:00–03:00

th_6ceeaf4dce11bb40e30a68a0ae4a7cee_1251156948lomo[1]This White Night culture node Dirty Deal in collaboration with Baltic Lomography association will present the largest lomography* exhibition in Latvia so far – lomo wall „The whole world in one glance”. The exhibition will bring together 3240 pictures made by the members of Baltic Lomography association. The exhibition will be opened on September 12th at 20:00 in the exhibition space Dirty Deal Expo (Maskavas street 12/k2) and will be available to the public until September 26th.

  • Feetbox Sessions
VENUE: Dirty Deal Teatro, Maskavas iela 12/2 TIME: 20:00– 20:30 / 23:00–23:30Dirty Deal Teatro (Maskavas street 12/k2) will house a musical electro-step-dance performance Feetbox Sessions by creative group Indictus Company from Helsinki. It was founded in 1998 and is led by creative director Ari Kauppila.

  • Media breaking into public space!
VENUE: Kr. Barona iela (adrese tiks precizēta) TIME: 21:00–02:00

During the night from September 12th to 13th one of the empty shop display windows on Krišjāņa Barona street will come alive, helped by the Dirty Deal creative team in collaboration with the Finnish videoartist group Vixen and experimental electronic music artists from Riga.

The video material to be projected in the display windows will be created out of material shot in Riga city surroundings and live feed from surveillance cameras positioned in the display windows, and all that mixed with a previously produced video. The video projection will be a remixed reflection of the surrounding urban spaces, commenting on the city and trying to persuade passers-by to take a different look at the sights seen in the city every day. The musicians will also employ a similar technique – sounds will be recorded on the spot, in the streets framing the centre of Riga, and mixed with existing audio material.

  • kim? art and cinema night
VENUE: Spīķeri, Maskavas iela 12/1 TIME: 19:00–02:00
An extensive event program at kim? (Spīķeri, Maskavas street 12/k1) will be the opening of a new event topic BLOGS, with a series of various events ongoing until November 1st.
  • Idealist
VENUE: Brīvības iela, iepretī Ministru Kabineta ēkai TIME: 24:00 – līdz 20.septembra agram rītam
th_6ceeaf4dce11bb40e30a68a0ae4a7cee_1251154915idealists[1]Artist: Aigars Bikše

On a 4 metre high base stands a 3.5 metre high inflatable fabric figure. Every two minutes a fan turns on and off – the figure inflates and takes the shape of a figurative sculpture, then sags again, taking the shape of a flattened sack.

  • Outdoor cinema – Le Bal in Vērmaņdārzs park
VENUE: Vērmaņdārzs TIME: 22:00-1.00

th_6ceeaf4dce11bb40e30a68a0ae4a7cee_1251156851lebal[1]Le Bal

1983, Italy, France, Algeria. Directed by Ettore Scola


Academy Award nomination for best foreign language film, Caesar award and a whole list of other acknowledgments have established Le Bal by Ettore Scola among the unforgettable treasures of world cinema. In 1983 critics were literally raving about the grace and charm of this filma.

The ball takes place in an imaginary ballroom in Paris where a story in dancing, told by mimes, takes the spectators through time. Without uttering as much as a single word, it tells profoundly much about the eternal search for love, and by changing the characters, the film travels in time. The shrewd social observations in the ballroom allows the spectators to live through 50 years of French culture from the 1930ies to the 1980ies. Le Bal brings you superb acting, music and a colourful feeling of the era. A surprise after the screening – let’s dance together!

  • The Gospel of Noise
VENUE: Anglikāņu baznīca, Anglikāņu iela 2A TIME: 00:00–03:00
  • Onedotzero – Adventure in Motion
VENUE: AB dambis, Noass TIME: 20:45–02:00

th_6ceeaf4dce11bb40e30a68a0ae4a7cee_1251156455onedotzero[1]“Betanovuss” floating gallery and “Noass” invite everyone to enjoy a visually musical and playfully interactive “adventure in motion”. An open-air cinema on AB dam will be screening five programs from onedotzero, the largest digital media festival in the world.

21:00 citystates – on life in a modern metropolis;

22:00 extended play – a compilation of prizewinning pieces from all over the world, united by storytelling that goes beyond the borders of traditional stories;

23:00 new british talent – short films from BBC music and comedy shows;

24:00 j-star – music videos and motion graphics by the most talented Japanese filmmakers and animation artists;

01:00 advanced beauty – 18 sculptures of video and sound that create a sensation of delicious colour and visible sound

  • Erik Hobijn’s “Chemistry bar”
VENUE: RIXC Mediju telpa, 11. Novembra krastmala 35, (ieeja no Minsterejas ielas). TIME: 20:00–02:00

th_6ceeaf4dce11bb40e30a68a0ae4a7cee_1251298688rixc[1]RIXC Media space (11. novembra krastmala 35) will house an installation-performance by the Dutch artist Erik Hobijn “Chemistry bar”. The surrounding setting will be created by RIXC artist group. “Chemistry bar” is made out of actual elements and materials of a bar and it functions as a regular bar (you can have a drink here), but it looks quite extraordinary (with its test-tubes, alembics, emphasized hyperreality and ritual atmosphere it rather resembles a theatrical laboratory, Frankenstein style). The artist himself describes it: “”Chemistry bar” is not a poetic artistic message, neither a representation of reality. It is not a theoretical laboratory but a real one – we serve fuming cocktails in test-tubes, experimenting with drinks and the audience.”

  • Piggyback
VENUE: Bastejkalns TIME: 22:00–02:00
Performance-installation at Bastejkalns with circus, object theatre and street theatre artists from different countries. Seven stages built throughout the beautiful park terrain, featuring circus sketches and short performances without words. Each performance takes place in a different spot in the park and is repeated several times during the White Night, thus the spectators can watch all of them within a few hours. This event is intended for the whole family. More information on artists will follow.
For the rest of the program and other useful and interesting information –


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  1. It was a fantastic party!

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