Oskars Cirsis @ FILTERED

August 12, 2009


  • Oskars Cirsis
  • Photography / Idea
  • Several years ago Oskars asked his friend to describe him, answer what he is. And she wrote an answer: “Ingredients you will need to “cook a Monkey” : (Monkey was another name Oskar’s friends used to call him) cheerfullness which “sticks” to everyone around him either they want it or not; music; a hundred and one idea; cookies; sugar, spice and everything nice; charisma; amazing luck; shamelessness; a pair of brown eyes; a smile; competition spirit; and a little bit of vanity.”
  • His talent was growing very gradually in him. He saw other people doing, creating, photographing something. And he though “I can do that too”. He usually didn’t like thing other people did. He always had a thought in his mind that he can do it better.
  • Oskars became dirty ( in a good way) with advertising. He works in advertising business and has “Junior art director” words written on his business card. He can’t imagine himself anywhere else.
  • He says: “In my works, i try to be interesting for myself and others. I rarely take pictures without and idea, just like that.  I need an idea, a vision why and how this or that will look interesting. Of course there always are excpetions.
  • He never seriously thought of having a part in an exhibition. But if he will have something truly amazing to show he will.
  • Oskars loves experimenting. He always tries to discover something new: technique, view, pose. He does not have favorite place where to shoot. He likes finding new places to show.
  • His first film was used about 4 years ago and as he says it was an awful experience if talking about the results.
  • His talent’s BOOM was when he was working as a photo reporter at TVnet. He was seeing a lot and visiting a lot of interesting events but this work has suck out his creativity. He got it back when he changed his place of work.
  • He likes both digital and analogue cameras.  Using either of them depends on what does he want to see in the end. Usually he uses analogue cameras when resting and relaxing, without any great worries about what result images will he get.
  • Cirsis – is Oskar’s surname. His previous name – Monkey had to be forgotten. He couldn’t introduce himself to grownups as a Monkey.
  • Polaroid images is the experimental part. Great part of this experiment is my friend Renārs. He was the one who is modeling for me in polaroid images. And the one who bought polaroid camera and film pack.
  • At this moment Oskars says : ” i will never photograph something i do not like or something i am not sure in.”

You can find him at :

FLICKR / www.cirsis.lv

Oskars Cirsis "My England"

Oskars Cirsis "Mara"

B by Oskars Cirsis

Cross by Oskars Cirsis

Self portrait by Oskars Cirsis

Cabis by Oskars Cirsis

Fuck you Im rich by Oskars Cirsis

Cabis #2 by Oskars Cirsis

Liepinjsh by Oskars Cirsis


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