Vladlena Sevelova @ FILTERED

August 2, 2009

  • Vladlena Sevelova
  • Photography / Costumes / Objects
  • She says: “I am a multi-person. It is interesting for me to make an object first, for example,a doll or a mask, and than to use it in a shoot, and afterward,may be, to write a short story about it. This is my difference from majority of other artists who can’t create an object for their shoot themselves, or artists who ask for others help to create something. I like people who expand their already wide edges  – Matthew Barney(sculptor,director,actor) or like Nick Cave (musician, writer).”
  • “Until a very particular moment i was absolutely lonely kid, as a result, everything i can do now, i learned while sitting alone in my room. Later it turned out that it attracts other people. Now, thanks to what i am able to do, I do have opportunity to meet with different people and I am interesting enough to them. If people would not find me themselves through my pictures and would not offer their company, it is possible, that i would stay there in my room, falling deeper and deeper into the “rabbit hole of my own navel”. I am extroverted introvert. I am sure I don’t want to be doing portraits of my own navel for my whole life.”
  • “My first deliberate shot was made at age of twelve – I was in watch for senior student whom i liked and took a picture of him. From that time on photography for me is a way to mentally fuck people. I have a series of photographs called “Mike” in different techniques devoted to my loved one, I enjoy taking photographs of my friends and relatives.
    If for some reason I have to take a photograph of a stranger, whom I do not like and who was chosen by someone else but me, I am having such an uncomfortable feeling inside me as if some kind of homeless bystander would offer me to have oral sex with him. I wont lie- I am totally not interested in all people as a species. Only some of them.”
  • “If selling fruits of your arched tree may be called work – then yes, my job is related to my life passions. This year i would be ending the third year of psychology faculty if i didn’t give up studying there.unfortunately,working as a clinical psychiatrist on practice I came across much more sadness than i could ever combine in my art. I draw sketches of tattoos on request. There lives a man in south America,who already has 4 tattoos based on my sketches,and he wants  more. I wish I could meet him someday – a man who i have basically painted with my art. My best friend has a tattoo of an octopus,the sketch of which i had drawn.that’s like having a baby together.
  • “what is common in all of my works,is that they were made while being literally ‘drunk’ with my own potential possibilities,but never had they fulfilled that intoxication.”
  • “I come up with an idea , I write it down somewhere,and, if after some time it still feels good,i bring it to life. It happened like this with the album ‘the crowded book’, and the same goes with the toys. The majority of the ideas seem stupid to me already on the next day.”

You can find her at:

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