George Avetisyan @ FILTERED

July 9, 2009

  • George Avetisyan
  • Photographer / Painter / Hip Hop music / Graphic design
  • He was given birth and was growing near Talsi, now living in Riga. Had lived some time in USA. George is balanced, steady and focused. He has his own unique features. From all media he prefers music, poetry and photography because they are the most natural. Unlike design and painting, where everything can be made up.
  • His favorites in photography are Richard Avedon, Diana Airbus, Henri Cartier Bresson and Philippe Halsman who was born in Riga. In painters, he admires Salvador Dali, armenian painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, and born in Latvia Mark Rothko. From painters of our days : Shawn Barber and David Von Bassewitz. Speaking of graphics and illustrators : Andy Warhol, Tavis Coburn, Jorge Alderete un Asaf Hanuka. Musicl preferences : Bob Marley, Common, Madlib, Dj Krush, Zero 7, Dj Premier, The Roots and others.
  • George thinks that everyone and each of us is different. We all are. We have our own sphere of expressing our emotions and thoughts. And this is why we are unique. The question is if we have the knowledge and wiseness to use our talants and power.
  • Apart from many things he does, he has his own business. His company SIA BE (official web site) which will soon have a 3 years anniversary. It was going all different ways but George and his team are very ambitious.
  • He divinizes traveling, airports, hanging out in the nature. Being active while resting and passing time with his friends. Sometimes he also likes to do nothing, switch off his thoughts and may be read something from Osho, M. Bulgakov.
  • When making a photograph George is trying to plan his concept in advance.  Anyway he never can miss a chance to point and shoot if he sees something great. George loves working with black and white film and develops it himself.
  • George mostly uses oil while painting but he also uses watercolors, charcoal, ink and pastel. Some time ago , he mostly liked to paint old-school way. But original ideas never end.
  • Hip hop music is something he uses to communicate. Word is the most powerful way of communicating. And hip hop is musical genre in which you can combine melody, feelings and information.

You can find him at:

FLICKR / Myspace / / /

1-Photo“Watch out!” Author is using lineas, forms and perspective to show  dramatism of the moment.


“In the kitchen” one of the pictures in the serie “In the kitchen”(still in progress).

3-PhotoOne of the “People i meet” series. The goal was to find an idea and in 4 hours using 2×36 b/w films make a serie of sonnected pictures. See the rest

4-Photo“Gustavo” one of the “Musicians” serie.




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